Campagnolo super record 11 vs DA9000

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by sancle1

I'm starting a new build and im considering Super record 11, over DA9000. ive never owoned campy, but really like the way it looks. My question is it just a personal preferance or is one better than the other? and why do so many bike shops bag on campy

by Weenie

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by bm0p700f

I think it is personal preference mostly. Which shifters you like the feel of e.t.c. Both work, both are light both are expensive.

Personally it will always be campagnolo for me but at least the new DA9000 cranks look good. Consider though the cost of record 11 speed cassette. So maybe a Chorus 11 speed cassette instead. You won't be thinking then after everyride how mch that cost (in cassette wear).

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by plpete

If you have never ridden Campy I would definitely try to get a test ride prior to making your decision. Both are high end groups and people like and dislike one or the other for various reasons. I think it mostly comes down to controls at this point. I'm personally not a big fan of the thumb shifters, however, i do like the option to down shift several gears with a single push.

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by Clubagreenie

One wears in while the other wears out ... I was a Dura fan until I test rode Campy now I will never go back 8)
A lot is personal prefrences , for me the hoods fit my hands , the shifting is awesome and doesnt require to be tuned every 5 mins.
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by c50jim

Except for a brief fling with a DA Di2 bike a couple of years ago, I've been a Campy guy since 1995. I just like the way it works and don't like the fact that the shift levers can move sideways while you're braking with Shimano.

Having shown my bias, I'd say they're both excellent and you should choose the one you prefer. If you're riding other Shimano bikes, the shift action of DA 9000 might seem more familiar so you'll be able to switch with less trouble. However, you won't be able to switch much else, so it might be a good time to consider changing.

I've never figured out why many shops don't have much Campy stock. It may be a North American thing and related to the fact that the Asian manufacturers who dominate our market (and the "American" brands usually have strong Asian ties) buy what's most familiar to them. It does mean you have fewer options when you travel and if your LBS hates one or the other, that can influence your choice since they'll probably give the best service on what they like the best.

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by ticou

I heave a sigh of bitter disappointment when I see a quality frame polluted with Shim.
But then I'm not biased either way.

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by mofo

shimangolo, whatever works best for you......little bit of this and a little bit of that. for me, thats been the best results. for serious miles, serious group rides and races. plus whatever tyre is on sale, your should be riding it into the ground anyway............

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by audiophilitis

Both are top shelf gruppos. Biggest Campy selling point for me was the "snappy" manner in which it shifts -- almost comparable to a sequential shifter fitted on a GT3 cup car. Dura Ace shifts flawlessly as well -- just too smooth for my taste.

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by justkeepedaling

DA 9000 is epic. Easily the best mechanical group out there currently. It is so far and beyond 7900 that it's a wonder how Shimano could have even accepted releasing the 7900 group

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by fdegrove


btompkins0112 wrote::popcorn:

My thoughts exactly.

I'll ride a Chanel No 5 any day of the week........ :lol:

Seriously, who needs yet another Shimano vs Campagnolo thread? Do you really need a forum to make up your own minds? Really?

Ciao, ;)
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by notsoswift

^^ agree, Have both, both good (Not SR, just Chorus and older DA7900)
now if you were talking about Sram :doh:

(Joke, people!)

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by prendrefeu

I'd *love* to see a forum-wide moratorium on the following discussions:
-Which group is better? (Campagnolo vs. Shimano vs. SRAM)
-Asian vs. European vs. North American vs. other Continents for brand superiority and manufacturing quality (or lackthereof)
-Lance Armstrong
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by stanseven

The recent issue of Velo Buyer's Guide has a nice review of DA 9000. If you are considering it, pick up a copy of read what they say. One comment is "its performance is unmatched in nearly every category." Another is "best the industry has ever produced." Pretty strong endorsements.

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by dvincere

C50jim: the reason most shops don't have much Campy has to do more with the distributors than anything. Campy sells to distributors and distributors need to sell it to the shops. Unfortunately, Campy doesn't work with the right distributors and doesn't incentivize the operation enough for it to get pushed. Conversely a locally shop owner HATES sram and constantly calls it shit but says his distributors force him to carry it.

To OP: the reason ao many shops bag in Campy is simply because they dont stock much of it and possibly because their mechanics aren't as experienced with it. The situation dictates its better business to sell other things; see my response above.
For tiur question on what's better, just test ride them and decide. All Shimano 105 and up is good enough for any situation. All Campy is good enough, all SRAM rival and up is good enough for anything. It comes down to what you'll pay for some reduced weight and how you like things to feel. Me? Campy Chorus, SRAM Rival, and Shimano Dura-Ace, and Shimano UI2 hit my various sweet spots.

by Weenie

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