New fork for TI frame

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by jedijeck

Enve has my vote.
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by ldamelio

Enve 2.0. Firmly disagree with the Lynskey owner touting Alpha Q - I have a Lynskey R430 came with Alpha Q GS-40. Had a JRA fork failure where is snapped off at the bottom of the glued insert. Stupid design accounting for why they're out of business. Paper thin carbon with glued in (also thin) insert limiting height adjustability and making assembly/installation complex. Didn't track as well as the Enve either, especially descending at speed. At this point in time, the Enve 2.0 is industry standard. If you're a high-end weight weenie (and you're probably not, if, like me, you're riding ti), the Enve 1.0 saves a few grams but again has a thin steerer which some (no personal experience) feel is a little flexy. Enve 1.0 better if you're trying to drop every gram off a 13 lb. bike or you're a tiny climber, 2.0 better for most others. The Pegoretti Falz also seems like a good suggestion, but somewhat heavier and a little harder to source. YMMV.

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by Juanmoretime

I'm not sure of the handling issues but your fork breaking might have had some defect that caused the handling and eventual breaking of the fork. My Alpha Q GS3o is over 6 years old and still an awesome fork. Since this is the fork my bike was designed to use I do have a new one stashed away. The Enve for is 4mm shorter than the Alpha Q. Would you notice the difference? Maybe.

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by GT56

skiezo wrote:I am looking to upgrade the fork on my Dean TI bike. At the present time in is sporting a Ritchey pro fork from 2006.
I am seeing some light stress cracks were the drop outs are glued into the fork body. I am not sure if they are just in the finnish or into the carbon. So to be safe I will be replacing the fork in the next few weeks. This one has the alloy drop outs glued into the fork body. I am looking for a one piece fork. (No glued in drop outs).
This bike has a long HT so I need a 43degree fork with a steer tube of about 220cm. It will have a 10cm spacer below the stem and a 10cm spacer above the stem. It will be going into a standard TI king HS. I would also like straight fork legs as opposed to curved.
I would like a few options for a replacement.
ENVE 2.0 is at the top of my list. Any other I should look at?

aluminium drop outs and slightly curved, but fairly light (345 g on my kitchen scale), but far better suited to classic headsets than all the enve, 3t and easton:
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