Cateye Stealth 50

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by brettmess24

So far the Garmin has been pretty good. Only trouble and is actually user error has been forgetting to hit the play button once under way. I have the mileage in the lower right hand corner and forget about it. So I haven't actually recorded all of my rides.

As far as interface I really like how you can set it up however you want. I put speed on top cadence in the middle and heart rate on the bottom. The two little squares on the very bottom have time and distance.

The 510 aquires satellite pretty quick maybe 30 seconds to one minute and it aquires the heart rate monitor, speed/cadence sensor and my phone. Perfect amount of time to walk to close the garage. I then ride to the end of the block and its ready to go. Same time as I start Strava on my phone.

Havent really lost satellite but have lost the speed/cadence sensor on one ride.

Like you I use my iPhone, ipad and Macbook for all of my items. Happy that I know longer have to wear the watch for HRM.

Comparing the Garmin and Strava(iPhone) on my last ride:
Distance the same by .1 miles
Avg speed Garmin 18.93 Strava 19.2
Max speed Garmin 40.59 Strava 39.8
Ascent Garmin 1437' Strava 875' BIG difference here! However Garmin is ascent and Strava is Elevation Gain.....

I would be really frustrated if I was on my 3rd device! :evil: I hope you get it sorted. I really wanted the Cateye as my double wireless Cateye is awesome on my winter ride and on the trainer.

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by headwind816

@Lewis ... expect a report soon and not a good one.

by Weenie

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by 5 8 5

Had a look at a Stealth 50 in a LBS yesterday. I was surprised / shocked at the physical size of it.
The pre-release pictures gave me the impression it was a lot smaller. I downloaded the manual for it and it says it's 69x45x22.4mm, 60g which makes it bigger and heavier than my Bryton 40.

The manual also says the battery life is approx 10 hours. I expect real-life battery life to be less. It seems paltry considering the size of it.

Also pretty damning is the "Recharge / discharge number of times - About 300 times (until the rated capacity drops to 70%)".

Having owned a number of Cateye computers and always been impressed with them, I'm disappointed with the specs of the 50 and it's apparent lack of reliability (which may be improved with new firmware). It is going to be struck off my list of potential purchases.

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by jbf

I'm a big fan of previous Cateye products. I hope they get this together before I buy a GPS based unit.

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by Lewis

Thanks for the updates guys. It's good to hear others have had similar experiences.

Ok, so my third one at least seems to be saving all the info from my rides (uploaded a 90 miler yesterday and it captured the entire ride. Took like half and hour to convert the file though!!! It still doesn't work properly with my Macbook though.

The Stealth is smaller and more subtle than a Garmin, I really am not sure about Garmins in terms of their design. They could look a lot cooler than they do. But if they work well then that's something i'd be prepared to overlook.
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by headwind816

I ended up returning my Stealth 50 to my LBS and picked up a used Garmin 500. My issues with the Stealth 50 included (1) shoddy battery life of about 6 1/2 hrs with no Ant+ connections, (2) missing and mislabeled data when uploaded to Cateye site, and (3) temperamental GPS connection. My LBS had another customer with similar experiences and opted to send them back.

I am on Day-3 of the Garmin 500, and thus far, I have been pleased.

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by bura

jbf wrote:I'm a big fan of previous Cateye products. I hope they get this together before I buy a GPS based unit.

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by roadytracky

Garmin 200 is msrp $130. Quit wasting time with that stealth thingy. I've had a Garmin Edge 500 for 2 years, and it get's better and better with free updates. Garmin web site is great, too.

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