Campagnolo 80th anniversary groupset

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by 5 8 5

They're keeping the good stuff under wraps for 100.

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cwdzoot wrote:Pics of the new group on my flickr - no price as yet - see here" onclick=";return false;

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Am I the only one wondering; is there one bidon cage or two?

by Weenie

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by kgt

Looks like two of them in the box... BTW I don't like the red logos either. They are rather limiting.

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by bontie

+1 on they should have gone with gold.

Would've been sweet on a C59 Ottanto

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by nspace

If they went with gold they would still need to rethink the horrible graphic treatment. It just feels really tacky...

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by angrylegs

Wow is that awful looking. The emblem is ok - on a box. On the gruppo though? I'd pay more to get a non-limited version. Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of actually making a limited version? And to imagine the simple elegance they could have done. Shame.

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by SDP

dear god no

that is something of a 70s racecar with ciggie advertising...

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giant man
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by giant man

looks great, I'm up for this definitely. Not worried about the 80th anni Boras, but the groupset looks fab

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by Anders

The matte finish is nice though. Wet sand your shiny SR11 group with grid 1000 and you are there.

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by cwdzoot

Tinea Pedis wrote:Am I the only one wondering; is there one bidon cage or two?

Cage is included with the group but there is only one cage. Waiting for a confirmation on whether a 2nd cage will be available for sale.

Price is looking like $3599 at retail - but as always "who pay's retail"
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by genesis692

SDP wrote:that is something of a 70s racecar with ciggie advertising...

How is that a bad thing? 70's racecars were probably the best looking vehicles ever.

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by fdegrove


I agree.
It's just that this logo lacks the "Italian" touch. It's just too plain obvious 70ies and too much red. IOW it lacks distinction.

Ciao, ;)
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by ferrarista

I talked with a friend of mine that works at a Campy canadian distributor.

edit: The group should be around 5300$ retail. The boras 6500$ retail and bullet 3300$ retail for the canadian market.

This will be a limited release. At first they wanted to produce around 2500, but now they will accept orders for 90 days from the distributors starting now. After that it will be over so they say.

I don't find this special edition that appealing. They were not creative with the graphics at all. Its basically a super record with 80th Anniversary stickers and matte finish lol. you have to pay 25% more for that? I'll pass.
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by maxxevv

A friend still has the original 50th Anniversary boxed set after all these years. Those were really, really nice !
(No, he has absolutely no wish to sell them in case anyone is wondering .... I've asked!)

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by TTP

nspace wrote:Barf. That emblem is hideous. This would be a fantastic place to do a modern carbon groupset with a simple application of the classic Campagnolo wordmark, but no...


by Weenie

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