Frustrated Canadian - CAAD 10's in Vancouver??

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by billyd0012

Try Kevin at Simon's. Great guy. Probably hasn't done it before, but will figure it out before it leaves the shop.

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by Vuong05

^ Thanks for the suggestion. I will send them an email and see what they can do.
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by Weenie

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by billyd0012

Just call in the morning and ask for Kevin - 604-602-1181. They lack a little on e-mails, but make up for it on having a good, reliable, mechanic for good value (ie: won't overcharge you to set it up).

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by hjb1000

boolinwall wrote:I'm not sure anybody expected the CAAD 10 to be as popular as it was in the first year. They should have, however, known by the second year that they were going to be huge. I see Specialized has thrown it's hat back into the high end alloy ring as well. Mind you, I'm pretty sure it's a lot more expensive than the CAAD 10 and quite simply put, the CAAD 10 is without equal at it's price level.

Just a thought, but do Cannondale deliberately limit availability of the CAAD10 to a, build marketing hype, and b, perhaps force customers towards their more expensive models? "Sorry we're out of stock of the CAAD10 but we have a really nice Supersix over here..."
I would have thought it was a distinct possibility given the CAAD10 is one of their most affordable models, so the profit made on a CAAD10 would be a fraction of their higher end models.

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by 604Yarks

Interesting theory.
I suspect in order for that to be the case that the margin on the next level bikes would have to be considerably more than that of the CAAD10 - which I'm not quite sure of.
I would think carbon frame mfg would be pretty high cost relative to alu (but that's a wild-arse guess), so while they're charging more, the actual profit may be same or less than the CAAD.

That said, would be neat to get some insight into the mfg process for both!
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by Y26

So Kevin from Simon's is the go to guy in town? I have a build as well but not sure if I want to tacle myself as first time ever.

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