Revised Scott Foil?

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by Omiar

Foil is a great frame. I ride it with 60mm carbon clinchers daily. Just hammered it in a tailwind 45kph the day before yesterday - it sure felt good.
But yes, you don't want to ride it on rough roads for too long with high rear tire pressure.

GaBa wrote:The thing I started noticing is that the front is too high for me (no spacers) and I'd prefer it lower. I'm riding size L with 183cm height and few mm less than 88cm inseam. Was wondering what size you guys ride?

I'm almost the with the same height (184cm) and inseam and I ride a large frame. I ride with one 5mm spacer under the stem. Will see wheter I can go lower, aero wise is my position quite good already.
Foil is marketed as an aero frame and its got a relatively long headtube, so the position is already quite streched out for the rider. Some say its geometry is more like a TT bike one. A high HT probably gives a more comfy position for the average cyclist. While being around 185cm has usually been a height for a L size Scott frame, in case of Foil it seems to me that a M frame gives more flexibility in terms of riding position.
I myself did go -10mm on the stem length to get the handlebar in a much more comfortable position, but im on the lower limit of stem size now. With the size M frame itself being 15mm shorter, I could easily compensate it with a longer stem and not being on the limit. I would also have some more "steering force".
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by Zigmeister

As an update to my earlier posts in this thread...I switched from a Team version to a Foil 15 Di2 9070. Run Pro Carbon stem/bars with tubulars. The ride is very tolerable since that switch, but stiffness/responsiveness hasn't been compromised at all IMO. Besides the slight weight penalty of about 100gms, which in a race really means nothing when loaded, weighs just at 15.2lbs right now with the current setup.

I also run slightly lower pressure in the tires, 95-100psi F/R. Except the roughest problem on 50-60mi rides/races. Got two top 5 sprint finishes the past two races on this setup. Still a great bike, and the used market/new market even has come way down on the frame prices. I bought an extra Foil 15 fork on eBay for like $70, just in case...sweet.

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by jvanv8

redcard wrote:What do people think of using a Foil 15 as a commuter? Bad idea?

Or how about using the Foil as a garden cart? I've got some weeds I need taken care of and the Foil is a nice looking bike.
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by kulivontot

redcard wrote:What do people think of using a Foil 15 as a commuter? Bad idea?

Only with lightweights. Ask durianryder.

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