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by nfecyle

I have had the same problem as yours using Fizik Antares (all Fizik saddle actually). I used to get numb after 1.5 hour on the saddle even after the ride. I love the shape but I wish it comes with real cut out, not soft cut out like in versus version. I went to specialized Romin Evo 155 (Evo supposedly to have biggest cut out) and no more numbness. The other saddle I recommend to try is Selle Italia superflow 145 mm. It looks flat similar to Antares, but with cut out. I didnt try this saddle because of the price and color (black only)

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by dvincere

I went with the Selle San Marco Mantra over the Romin or Superflow. The cutout is definitely larger on the Mantra (not that it means its better). So far it seems great but I need a bigger ride to really know as my butt isn't too fussy unless things get to 3 or more hours.

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by 113245

Just for the record, in case anyone reads this that had the same problem as me... I switched to a Specialized Toupe 143 and it felt much better. I'm still going to try the Romin to see how that compares, as I was recommended, but there's instant noticeable relief with the Toupe.

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by NWSAlpine

The new Toupe Pro looks awesome. I'm glad they got rid of the plastic part on the rear. Also no loud branding on the black one so it can fit onto any bike.


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by xjustice09x

I use an Antares on my old bike. On my new bike I was experiencing numbness. I just switched to a Romin 155. It made a noticeable difference.

My fitter told me the Antares works for very few people. From his experience the Romin 155 works for many people, and the non evo models seem to work better than the evo models. He doesnt work for a shop so he has no incentive to push any particular products.

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by davidalone

Another antares user. I havent tried it yet, but I'm pretty sure the dimensions and profile of the selle san marco regale are pretty dead on with the antares ( this is after I've searched long and high for something similar to my antares, also looking for a new saddle.

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by HillRPete

davidalone: interesting. Never tried a Regale myself, but found the rear of the Antares very similar to the San Marco Zoncolan. Very similar default sitting sensation. The Antares has a wider nose, though, which I like better, when you have to move forward. Liking the Antares on the MTB so far (preferring the Aspide shape on the road bike, with the lower position).

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