Should i change my supersix evo to c59?

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by Sisbud


I currently own cannondale supersix evo and recently i came across a really good deal on a colnago c59.
The question is should i keep the supersix evo or should i upgrade to a colnago c59?
Is there a really big difference in ride quality?
Would love to hear to have both or have ridden both. Thank you

by Weenie

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by andyindo

Yes you should. A Cannondale is a bike. A Colnago C59 is more than a bike.

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by plpete

Considering this is weigh weenies, I think your C59 won't be as light. They are still beautiful and great bikes but I don't think their frames come in the 800 gram range. My friend has one and absolutely loves it. If it will make you happy and make you want to ride more go for it! When was the last time a bike purchase was a rational one :lol:

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by russianbear


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by Northoceanbeach


If you had a lesser bike than you do than I would say to go for it. But this is weight weenies and there aren't many If any better frames for lightweight but it's also a pro your bike. You'd really be going sideways.

What kind of deal. Good? Great? I mean if it's a good deal, you can get those a lot. I always find a good deal and tell myself I can't pass it up. But when I think about it it's really not one of those deals you just have to take. So if it's one of those then do it. I mean like, can you buy it and then sell your evo for the same or more than you got the colnago for?

That I'd consider. Or if your bike is starting I show it's age an you think you should sell it before it loses it's value.

So I guess I vote no: but

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by eric

For that trade to make any sense you'd have to buy the idea that Colnagos are somehow special in a way that makes them worth significantly more than their specs would indicate.

I don't, so I would not consider it.

But if you do your answer might be different.

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by djconnel

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by lechat

Other than the cachet of the brand, I can't imagine why you'd want to. Might be a bit sturdier, but so would most heavier frames. Colnagos can be pretty ugly, too.

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by carlislegeorge

I dunno about this either. A really great deal is hard to pass up. On the other hand, you gotta ride the Nago and if it really really calls to you, in that process then you might be able to rationalize it. But as was noted, from the WW perspective you'd be losing ground. I tested a Colnago but bought something else even though i could have got a killer deal. I think it is the best of it's breed, but not the bike for me if i can only afford one over priced steed.
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by mnmasotto

I have owned and rode about everything except the Cannondale EVO. I always seem to fall back to the Colnagos. I am not sure why...I just do. I regret selling any of my prior Colnago framesets. All the others I seem to have forgetten. The only thing close to the Colnago C50/EPS/C59 are the Parlee Z5/Z5SL. They have very similar ride characteristics and feel. Very stable and confidence inspiring. Also, I have never had a difficult time selling a Colnago frameset. I wish I could say that about the other framesets I have owned!

Not sure if you are a car guy but...I look at the Cannondale Evo---Corvette and the C59--Ferrari 458.

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by bura

Totally agree here with eric's views.
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by mann2

OP: if you're sold on the brand, then by all means go for it! make sure you go all italian on that (group, wheels bars etc) for consistency, though.

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by NiFTY

I also agree with eric. Colnago seem overpriced. They can't compete on stiffness or weight or value so they trade off "heritage"
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by Weenie

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by markyboy

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