Campagnolo direct mount brake

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by Lafolie

Heard through the grapevine this week that Campagnolo will finally be launching a direct mount brake - about time!!!

by Weenie

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by bikewithnoname

Direct mount is still pretty niche so I'm actually surprised that they've bothered. They will however need to develop some disc brakes if they want to stay in the game long term
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by pyrahna

Movistar is a Campy sponsored team that has to run Shimano brakes on their Canyon AeroRoads because Campy doesn't have a direct mount brake. Something tells me they got tired of paying to see someone elses products being run.

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by micky

I was watching the pictures of yesterday stage and Europcar had some brakes reminding the Skeleton shape but on the Colnago V1-r.

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by TurboKoo

Most probably Colnago branded that comes with bike.
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by micky

Could be, Im not very familiar with them.

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by Franklin

Guess Micky has good eyes :lol:


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by Valbrona

Expect TT bikes to carry on with rim brakes.

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by corky

Surprised they didn't actually use this as a platform to make something more aero..... A la EE Cycleworks where the cable and arms are not out in the wind.....Given that this is where it will be mostly used..... I think.

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by ph

I was looking forward to seeing these but am disappointed Campy's DM front brake is so inelegent compared to Shimano's. IMO, the appeal of the DM brake standard is the opportunity for a more efficient design resulting in lighter weight and greater tire clearance. Campy's take seems like a missed opportunity and I am a a campy user. I imagine economics are a factor here - Campy probably doesn't have scale/resources to develop a modern DM delta brake while simultaneously developing a Pro Tour level disc brake/hub/wheel platform and keeping pace in the fast shifting electronic shifting arena. Without SRAM supporting DM brakes and with the seemingly inexorable rise of disc brakes, sadly, DM brakes are probably resigned a small niche of a few road frames and some TT/tri frames.

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by ParisCarbon

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by farm_lim

unboxed and weighed.


weight with alu pads

ultegra direct mount weight with carbon pads
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by jimborello

Where did you get those brakes?? I need a set!!

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by mpulsiv

Which forks support direct mount? Last I checked, it was only Trek.

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by Dodger747

Canyon aero roads have DM...

by Weenie

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