LOOK Keo Blade Carbon Ti crack . Has this happen to you ?

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by si1ver

Recently I notice that left side clip in tension was rather low and I did not get the clip in sound and feel on my, about 2 years old, Look Keo Blade Ti pedals .
Up on close examination, I have found that the engagement moving carbon part to be Cracked . Because the part is crack , the pedal fail to provide necessary tension when clipped in and a slight moment will disengage.
Now i have never have crashed on my road bike and am generally easy on my equipments because I weight 55kg .

Anyone have experience with Look customer service before ? any contact or email is much appreciated .

Thank you


by Weenie

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by avclr2012

Hi... I closed a fit and custom bike studio a number of months ago, but did a lot with Look. I sold at least a couple hundred sets of Blades, and I have been on a set that came out of the first shipment to the US. I'm 79kg. The only issue that has come up (just once) was one of the actual blades (the strip of carbon) came out. The original plan was for the blades to be user or shop replaceable, so that owners could choose or change the engangemen tension. That plan seems to have fallen by the wayside. Now you buy 12nm or 16nm pedals and you get what you got.

However... given that there must be room for flex, and to allow replacement or repair, there must inherently be a way for that to happen. I'm surprised it's only come up once. But no cracking.

Look customer service is great. I'm in the US and dealt with a their call center here--it may be different if you are elswhere They've taken care of any issue I've throw at them, even when it clearly WASNT an issue with the product (and I told them that was my assessment as well)--they replaced a product simply to satisfy a customer.

The blade is their flagship pedal, expensive, and the basis for their new "power" pedal... they don't want poblems, or people talking about problems! You shouldn't have any problem at all!

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by 743power

There's a tool to replace the blade spring now. Not sure if its available directly to shops, but outside reps all have them.
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by gilesharrison

Mine cracked in a similar way. There's a post about it if you have a search. Look service (UK) was excellent. They sent me a new pair within a week.

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by mann2

Been using Blade Ti's for quite a bit of time and I'm a heavy bloke. you can try the place where you bought it for the warranty info.

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by brycerider

Had one of the blades start to delaminate after 15'000 km and also one pedal body near the engagement mechanism crack. On speedplays now 8-)

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by Tricky1

I stripped the spindle on my Blade ti's and was given a new set under warranty. I had them for 8 months however, I'm not sure of their warranty period?

My LBS sent them in and I feel their good relationship may have played a roll in LOOK granting the warranty? I was told they are fairly liberal towards customer satisfaction if that helps. It can't hurt to try! Hope it goes well...

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by shapeofthings

My friend and I both had a blade crack on a pedal at roughly the same time.

He took them to a local shop who shipped them back to Look for us. Look installed new blades in each pedal and we had both sets back in under two days.

Probably helped that Look North America was in the same metropolitan area, but still amazed on the turn around.

I had terrible Campagnolo service a few years ago and just assumed every cycling company takes a few months to send back a replacement.

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by dolophonic

Yes had the same thing happen.. warranty

These pedals are light but i have had too many probs, this, a broken spring/ blade and a lot of play in the spindle/bearing.

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by brycerider

The bearings in these pedals are also quite cheap looking

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by t3z

One of my blades has cracked too, but only a hairline and seems to be holding up.
I tried to get a replacement blade here in OZ. The importer, and nearly every shop
I called, basically told me it wasn't replaceable and to buy a new set. :shock:
No I didn't buy the pedals at my LBS, but with service like this no wonder.

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by Clubagreenie

Hey mate , I am on my second set of Ti Blades 16nm
The blade on my right leg snapped mid stroke going up hill and threw me ... put it into the shop and they asked if I had hit it with a hammer ....
Look dealer replaced it no questions asked ....
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by dolophonic

Yes .. had the blade break got that fixed.. had the same piece as the OP crack they replaced that.. then spindle's rattle and have a lot of play in the body...no good. 3 strikes your out !
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by kac

A thread was running here on WW months ago on the topic of cracks developing at the base of the carbon body adjoining the axle in Keo Carbon Blades. I couldn't tell if this was a common problem or a rare one, but I decided to replace my Speedplays with the Keo Carbon pedals because of annoying lateral rocking motion which did not resolve with new Speedplay cleats.

Anyway, I used the Keo pedals (but did not abuse them) for 15 months and then one of the Blades cracked at the usual spot. Very disappointing and, I presume, indicative of a design flaw. Regardless, Competitive Cyclist (a company that's given me consistently outstanding customer service over many years) immediately and graciously offered to replace them at no charge.

I like the Blades sufficiently to try them once again. They are really nice pedals. So, with that sad vignette in mind, any consensus on this issue? Other problems with these?


by Weenie

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by SalsaLover

Get normal kéos instead
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