Can a custom wheelset outperform Ksyrium sl wheels for less?

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by JKS

sawyer wrote: To be fair fat bladed spokes do affect handling in cross-winds...Makes enough difference to be significant, even if, as you say, it's mostly technique and confidence.

Thanks sawyer. No one would put any effort into improving aerodynamics if they didn't have any affect. Always working to improve technique. I've ridden with wheel sets that handle crosswinds better.

Tinea Pedis wrote: Try living down my way. Wind originates here, I'm certain of it.

Easy with the locality pride TP. Funnily enough, the crosswind story was down your way! Worst conditions I've ever experienced up & down Laver's Hill. No records were set that day :) Great ride in general though the GO Rd. Loved it.

This topic wasn't particularly about who builds their wheels the fastest, or with the most quality, or how time & quality relate (this normally doesn't take much thought). I just asked about wheel builders whose reputation precedes them. I'll have a go at building sometime, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist with whatever I do & I know I can't devote adequate time to the process at the moment. Got to work around that.

Back on point anyway - I'll try and post something regards to the alternate wheel set suggestions soon. I've been flat out this week and not had much time to put something together. I appreciate all the discussion!

by Weenie

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by ticou

First serious ride on my Zonda's. Cold blustery day, three laps round Richmond Park. They made a mockery of headwinds, zoomed almost the entire circuit on the 50, excellent after glide after steep 50 efforts, and I'm home refreshed save for frozen feet. They absorb roads shocks better than Elite's, and corner better at speed too. Faster and better in every respect. A golden set of wheels.

I'm not the least surprised that hyperon 2 tubs won the KOM in the TdF last year.

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by Tinea Pedis

JKS wrote:Easy with the locality pride TP.


Come again?

Wasn't pride as much as a statement of fact. There's good reason further south has wind farms.

I had no issues with my Shamal's. Ride something like that enough, technique adjusts. Switching to Zonda's did make life easier, if marginally. But if it's blowy in a race I can't just decide at the last minute to ditch the deeper wheels, so figure developing the technique can't hurt.

Never had a single issue with my 32 spoke handbuilts on Ambrosio rims - which just happens to be my favourite wheelset.

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