Powertap G3 build on 38mm clincher carbon rim

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by iboc23


For an 150lbs rider and 28h new Powertap G3 on a 38mm carbon clincher rim which lacing will be the best?

-2 times 2 cross
-2x NDS, radial DS


by Weenie

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by mentok

someone with more knowledge than me will hopefully chime in with specifics, but i believe there are manufacturer defined restrictions for lacing patterns and spoke counts on powertap hubs to ensure accuracy of power measurements. I don't recall what the restrictions are or what models they apply to, sorry.

perhaps the kids in the wheelbuilding thread could answer with specifics?

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by sawyer

mentok is right - there is a 2x min spoking for G3s

I actually recently had built:

- 38mm tub carbon rim
- P'tap G3, 24h rear
- 2x NDS and 2x DS with DT Aerolite spokes

Wheel feels stiff enough. I would say similar to Boras - i.e. not super stiff but certainly good.
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by bobqzzi

As stated above, the powertap does require minimum of 2X on both sides.

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by fio

PowerTaps require a minimum of 2x. Radial lacing will void the warranty.

FYI I have both my G3 wheelsets built with 24 spokes and 2x on ENVE 45 and H Plus Son Archetype. The G3 builds a great wheel, much better than the previous generations. I can definitely tell the difference between the G3 and my old PT Pro wheels in terms of stiffness. Have fun with the build :wink:

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by WMW

It's funny how misinformation gets propagated. Many years ago Saris had a requirement for... actually 3x both sides... but it has been 2x on the NDS only for awhile now.

Per the G3 manual: "IMPORTANT: For your safety, the non-drive side of the PowerTap hub must be built with at least a 2x lacing pattern. Because of the patented PowerTap design, torque is
transferred through the hub to the non-drive side. Failure to adhere to this precaution will void the warranty."

But I'd never lace the DS radial. *If* you have derailleur clearance, you could lace the DS 1x heads-in. If not, best do 2x both sides. Using lighter NDS spokes will reduce the chance of them going slack.
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by NovemberDave

The latest specs on the website say "Hub must be laced with mimimun(sic) 2X pattern." I take that to mean both sides.

The previous gen ones could be laced radial on the DS. I don't prefer doing that in any case.

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by deluxerider

My 2x wheels are my favorites. 28 holes and bomb proof.

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by iboc23

Thanks for all your answer!

Still an other question about spokes:

Same kind of spokes on both side?
Different quality on NDS?

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by sawyer

I went DT Aerolite all round. Because I've had good experiences with them, they are high-end, bladed, and matched the front wheel.
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by Weenie

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