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by canbakay

Hi all,

So I'm in the market for a new frame to replace my sky dogma, I've been very happy with the dogma but I'd like a change. I have no criteira so far other than a good fit and being relatively light (insert anything will be lighter joke :D ) and a 'rarity' to it. Not that anything is rare on this forum! Budget wise I'm open but wouldn't wanna go up to the r5ca, storck 0.6 range.

Just some rough calculation: a z5sli + current components (di2 lightweights 3t ltd ax-saddle) I'd be very close to 6kg size large.

Toying around with the idea of a custom colour z5sli (something funky, not from matt to gloss), 695sr, c59 maybe crumpton. Either way, must have di2 routing.

I've designated my old trek for racing in the spring so I needn't worry about that.

I'd appreciate some input guys
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by audiophilitis

On my list are: De Rosa Protos, Time ZXRS VIP, C59 and Storck F0.7

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by michel2

A parlee in baby blue / orange gt paint sceme would get my vote !(;

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by maxxevv

Crumpton ? Sarto ?

Both are/can do custom and do produce framesets that are pretty light. And certainly not too far off your Dogma in price either.
And they are not that common (yet at least ). :beerchug:

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by prendrefeu

Just for starters, things to look up -

A2J (custom)
Endorfin (custom)
Spin - custom
Sarto - Cima Coppi (semi-custom)
Nordischer-Rahmenbau (custom)

Of the list above, I can only recall 3 of them actually posted in the gallery. So there is still opportunity to be quite rare indeed.
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by Hapsmo911

Its hard to beat a C59 in my book, but a Parlee Z-1 is nice, or maybe a Z-0 if you want disk :P, would be "different".

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by HillRPete

You can not reasonably argue "custom" (even if it's just colour) vs stock :noidea:

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