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by giobox

Hi all, wondering if anyone here could give me a hand? About to purchase a Canyon ultimate CF SLX and having a dilemma over sizing. Given my height I think I am roughly in between the small and the medium frame. I had a bike fitting done a few months ago and was given some optimum size charts - struggling to marry this data up with Canyon's geometry charts.

I was wondering if anyone with some experience in these matters could take a look at my charts and help advise me on the correct frame size to order?

The canyon sizing can be found at in case my screenshot is too small.
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by Weenie

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by cyclenutnz

That drawing shows you with bar x,y of 473,653
Attached screen snip shows that you would need a lot of spacers to get the bars that high (with reach within a few mm) on either of those Canyon sizes.
What bar reach are those figures based on? Large is looking like your best option (sorry, not shown)
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by krtassoc

(I have used the Lemond-Hinault method for many years.)

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by fa63

Your saddle height and reach measurements are almost identical to mine. That said, I think you have no busines on a small. I think even the medium might be too low in the front (I think Canyons only come with 25mm of spacers, so you would probably need a positive rise stem as well). If I was buying a Canyon CF SLX, I would be looking at the L.

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by thesimones

Concur with fa63. I've had a Canyon AeroRoad and the 56 was a bit smaller than most as far as stack and TT. Your measurements would size you out on the Medium and you would be more comfortable.

by Weenie

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by Pharmstrong

I have an AL which is the same geo. Your saddle and reach are similar to mine (my stem is a little lower). Go for the M/56. Just be sure to get them to leave 25mm of spacers above the headset so you can cut it down to where you want it.

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