Installing Press fit BB 30 ...Help?

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by photocycler

So I ordered a sram s500 bb30 crankset for my all city. Mr pink pressfit 30 frame.

The cranks came with some wave washers a big about 20mm spacer and what looks like clip washers which looks to be this bearing assembly kit

I realized I needed cups so bought a sram pressfit bottom bracket which came with the cups which had the bearings installed and some bearing dust covers along with some clear spacers

I am confused and want to make sure I installed the bb right as I used parts from each kit

I installed the cups from sram bb, installed the bearing dust covers and then the large 20mm spacer from the bearing assembly kit. Right now there is no play but it seems somewhat tight when I spin like there is a tad of resistance.

Did I miss something?

This is the bottom bracket

by Weenie

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by socratease

Resistance or binding?

What did you use to press the cups in? They should be in there tight.

My experience with PF30 is that a new BB will have a fair bit of seal drag. Depending on the crank, you can alter preload using or removing nylon washers or a preload adjuster. If you still get a couple of spins out of the cranks, you should be good to go: itll get better after a couple of rides.

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by photocycler

Resistance, when I try and spin them around ...a good tug gets it around 1 1/2 revolutions

I didn't use any washers only the bearing seals and the big drive side washer

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by bigskyTi

Well, usually the PF30 (what it sounds like you have) bearings are not great out of the box. I mean they don't spin like ball bearing should. they are coated in heavy grease and if you can get half a turn just spinning you feel great about it. BUT if it feels like there is resistance on the crank arm when you try to spin it, that is different. there could be some binding.

the sram diagrams are pretty good, but IMHO not always correct. if you know a thing or two use your gut. if you don't, find a guy who does. I spent half a season with a MTB crank that kept coming loose till i loaned it to a buddy who fixed it for me. the difference between him an me was he had never seen the diagram, but had been working on bikes for 20 yrs. I had the diagram and had about 5 yrs under my belt.

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by motorthings

sometimes the bearing covers are different, depending on the crank. see if in your parts you got a set of bearing covers that are thinner. that is how it was on my evo and red crank...the stock evo bearing covers made the crank bind awfully, but the others worked perfectly.

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by thisisatest

You absolutely need to use the Sram bearing covers that came with the pf30 bb. they are wider, with clearance for the extra lip seal they use. Other shields will bind on that lip seal.

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by photocycler

Well there is no binding, I'm just not used to spinning the crank and getting a half a turn

I followed the diagram, only issue with the diagram is that it doesn't really differentiate much between the acres and washers

I think it's installed right and if the bearings are tit like this and will break in I should be good

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by Weenie

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