Ritchey Break-Away as primary bike?

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by valko

I was recently caught up in an accident that crunched my Giant TCR Advanced's frame pretty good. Now I'm hunting for a replacement. I've long been interested in making the "switch" from carbon to a steel or titanium bike, and this may very well be my best opportunity, at least for a few years.

After doing some reading on this forum and others, I find myself very interested in the Ritchey Break-Away. I don't travel a TON, but when I do, it would be nice to easily bring my bike along. Unfortunately, I get the feeling that most folks treat their Break-Away as a "secondary" bike, citing weight (?) and flexiness/responsiveness.

Do many of you use your Break-Away as your primary road frame? How do you like it? Are there any concerns with it holding up to regular, rigorous use?

(For some context, I am about 5'7", 140lbs., ride ~8K miles per year and do quite a bit of Marin/SF Bay Area climbing.)

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