Where to find all white cycling socks?

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by Bregne

Dear Weenies

As a real euro-cyclist, and ofc. according to the euro-cyclist guidelines, i want to ride white socks. But not only white socks - completly white socks. It seems hard to find nice white cycling socks with no ugly pattern or logo disturbing the looks. Googled it ALOT. Couldn't find anything.

So please, anyone who knows of some place selling all white cycling socks?


by Weenie

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by Zitter

I've since switched and tried DeFeet but have settled on Swiftwick and Castelli socks
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by gospastic

http://www.giro.com/us_en/products/acce ... -sock.html

Check White/Black Clean. The only part that has a logo will be covered up by your shoe.

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by CerveloMikey

I use Defeet Air-E-Ators... they come with a small logo on the achilles or plain white.
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by Waldo

I really like Swiftwick's socks. The white ones I'm seeing on their site all have black logos, but I know I have a couple pairs that have a gray logo that's quite subtle. Unfortunately, I don't remember which variety they are.

Here's their stuff.
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by ThePullMan

Rapha makes all white socks too, except for the little black strips at the end.
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by uraqt

wool Defeet beat "all" white. The wool part is the key!!


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by Powerful Pete

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by cmdr199212

DeFeet, fantastic socks!

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by cormaka

We couldn't find any plain white cycling socks so we made our own.

http://www.sierranevada.cc/shop/plain-w ... ng-socks-6

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by Bogan

Have white wool socks from Rapha. Good socks.
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by Shrike

These guys do really good looking classic styled socks. Nicest I've seen yet. Gonna hunt around for some on sale. https://isadoreapparel.com/socks-oversocks?back=1

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by Ebruner

Rapha wool in white. All I Wear. Top shelf.


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by BRM

This topic is from 2013
Recently cormaka (only 2 posts) revived it to advertise his own shop

I bet the TS have found white socks already long time ago.

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by Weenie

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by CampagnoloRules

Go sockless. Saves grams.

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