CAAD8 frame weight = only 1175g!

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by cmd

Ordered a new bike and I just got done striping my 2007 CAAD8 to post on the big e. I talked to someone at Cannondale a couple years back who claimed to have all the "actual" weights. She said a 52 cm would be just shy of 1200g. I thought, that was a bit low. Nope. Only 1175 grams! That's impressive!

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by michel2

That is impressive! Is the frame still in good nick ?

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by lechat

I bought a NOS '03 56mm Caad7 frame back in '09 and was surprised that it only tipped the scales at 1125gms. That was sans cable guide, rd hanger and sp collar. With those added, ~ 1160.

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by User Name

can I play? :D I bought a 58cm CAAD8 frame with a small dent in it off Ebay recently for $35 (no fork or headset), and i was surprised to find that it's only 1265g

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