Looking for a Carbon/Titanium Frame

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by maxxevv

Its more than DOUBLE that even after discount from what I've seen.
Regular pricing is in the US$8500/- range. :roll:

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by atakaoka

maxxevv wrote:Its more than DOUBLE that even after discount from what I've seen.
Regular pricing is in the US$8500/- range. :roll:

practicaly the same as Legend Queen.
cycling,a great individual sport,were you can't reach anything,whithout group effort.

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by ahki

Hi I know this is quite an old thread.

I just want to put a spin on things.

heres my Viner Titan Carbon

more pics here http://flic.kr/s/aHsjJ2brZn
incase you're wondering why it's got eggbeaters on it. It's also my daily commuter.

on different wheels and mudguards in winter ofcourse.

As with the Passoni XXTi or the Legend Queen

Passoni XXTi wins hands down. in terms of ride, build quality and customer service.

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by bikerjulio

Looking at some of these mixed material frames, I have to wonder if there is any real engineering logic at work, or just gimmickry.

Sorry, but it's just so last decade.
There's sometimes a buggy.
How many drivers does a buggy have?


So let's just say I'm drivin' this buggy...
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by SpinnerTim

Since these threads live forever in the archive and re-emerge periodically as references, I'll throw in my bit for the Holland Exogrid.

I can't say enough great things about Holland Cycles, Holland exogrids, and Bill Holland. He and his small crew are friendly, sincere, extraordinarily talented, and they work fast. Bikes are planned, finished and delivered in 6 months, max, and that's only in the case of idiosyncratic builds like mine was.

A small circle of local artisans and mechanics build and assemble almost everything that goes on the bike, from the fork to the frame to the custom seatpost batteries for electronic drivetrains. The level of vertical integration is impressive for an operation that makes perhaps 50-100 bikes per year.

The defining trait of these bikes is their ride quality. Holland can build you a Cannondale-style crit weapon if you want, but it's still going to ride better than anything in that class. My exogrid was ordered with 1" chainstays, 42+mm downtube, and a short wheelbase, but it still rode better over all surfaces than my previous skinny-stayed Litespeed.

Exogrid test bikes are on hand at the shop, and Bill has lent them out for days to prospective customers (I kept one for almost a week before I finalized), so you can ride and experience this ride quality for yourself before you plan and pay for your bike. Anyone skeptical of mixed material frames should ride one of these before reaching a conclusion.

If money is an issue, keep saving- these bikes are worth it. Put everything into the frame spec, upgrade the parts over time, and you won't regret it.



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by michel2

Why do you want a frame made out if those two different materials? I can see the afvantage of each material when use by its self soley on one frame but i miss to see what the advantage is of using both materials in the one frame, they sure are very pretty tho (;

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by jooo

But why wouldn't someone want one?


They can look so cool 8)


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by Stats

A bit different - but if you're looking for a super good value for money Titanium frame - then GT have just released one this year and it's nearly half the price of many others... just an idea.

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