Help me solve my wheel problem please

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by Marvelous5000

Stop the madness! Help me out! I'm stuck in a bind and i need some help to figure out what to do.

I have a Zipp 404 clincher wheelset. It's the dimpled torroidal clincher, aluminum brake track rim with the pre-88/188 hubs. My back rim is toast. I used the wheel crit racing last year and ended up with a hole in the carbon, and half the spokes are loose. Despite the problem the rim is true but i don't trust it enought to keep riding it. But..
What do do now? Sell off the front wheel, and get maybe a few bucks for the rear hub and spokes? I'd like to get a new set of Zipp 404 FC's to match my 808FC's, a set of new Novatec R5's or something similar, or...... how about what's the cheapest way to rebuild the rear wheel. Where can i get a replacement Zipp rim for cheap? Does anyone have my wheel with a trashed hub or does anyone sell the dimpled aluminum clincher rim? Is there a second tier rim i can buy that uses the same spokes as what i have?

(First world problems, i know)
Thank you very much

by Weenie

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by Lig

Hi 5000,

If i had your problem I would first contact Zipp and if they can help or supply just a rim then I would just bin it and start again!!

Sorry for stating the obvious...


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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

Well I would talk to Zipp before you do anything just to see if they would get a warranty going.

If you don't have luck there, then reconsider your options.

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by Waldo

I'm not sure if I should reply to your thread here or on Slowtwitch, but here is easier.

Without seeing the rim it's rather difficult to assess, but I'm guessing from your description that it was damage that occurred due to something that occurred in that crit. Regardless, I would start by contacting our customer service/warranty department. They will be able to assist you much better than I can.

Contact page with options for calling us, having us call you, or live chat:

If the damage is not due to an issue with manufacturing, you may still be eligible for a crash-replacement rim at a discounted price. If your wheel features a dimpled rim but 182 hub it's right on the cusp of our 5-year crash replacement deal. If it's a 220 hub it would unfortunately be outside of that window.

ID your hubs:

Hope that helps.
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by brettmess24

I would start here, awesome customer support :thumbup:
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by jonnyBgood

brettmess24 wrote:I would start here, awesome customer support :thumbup:

Totally agree.

I had a set of 303 Tubulars and the very first ride I ran over a nail. The nail went through the tire and came out one side of the rim (BIG hole in the rim) and called the Zipp boys and they went waaay beyond Customer Service and replaced the rim AND hooked me up with a new tubular.

They may not replace it for free but...give them a chance and I bit they will come through.

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by wpccrunner

the new zipp 60 clincher is almost an exact replica of your old alu/carbon clincher. the zipp rep told me it is the same rim just lesser quality hub then the current 88/188, so it may actually be similar to the older hub you currently have.

by Weenie

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