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Classic Look 585, now 11 speed Smimano same hub

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:45 am
by JohnLOOK
I just finished upgrading my Look 585, wanting to keep a classic appearance.

Dura Ace 9000 shifters, FD, RD, Cassette, and chain
Gravitas SL brakes with Reynolds pads
Fizik Antares Braided saddle
Vittoria Evo SC Tubulars

I originally planned to set it up as 10 speed, but I was able to recycle the titanium 12/13 one piece cogs from my KCNC cassette. I had a local machine shop reduce the shoulder to 2.18mm and recessed the outside to allow me to use a 11 tooth Chris King lock ring to attach it. It changes flawlessly, and the only gear not usable without front changer rub is the 36/12. I had a long enough axle, but a washer should allow anyone else to do the same thing.
The post is repainted, cables routed for clean look with reversed braking.
In case anyone was going to comment, there is no pressure on the top tube from my stand.

My revised build list is
Stronglight Helion BB 115.00
Gravitas SL 171.00
Dura Ace cables 65.00
Comp. cap/spacers 32/12 44.00
cs9000 173.00
ch9000 228.00
Stronglight Helion cranks 526.00
Look HCC 5SL fork 287.00
Look 585 frame 988.00
fd9000 66.00
FSA K-Force Shallow bar 213.00
FSA Orbit internal 54.00
Dura Ace housing 100.00
Fizik Tape, plugs 59.00
rd9000 158.00
Fizik Antares Braided Carbon 158.00
Omni Racer seatpost clamp 9.00
Look Ergopost 4 ti 166.00
FRM/74 Controltech/28 30.00
FSA OS 99 stem 107.00
st9000 365.00
Vittoria EVO SC 23 519.00
Wheels M5, KOM, DT A/lite 394/551 945.00
Cateye V3. magnets 77 77.00
cages24+26+4 54.00
chain catcher 7.00
Keo ti 196.00


Re: Classic Look 585, now 11 speed Smimano same hub

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:29 am
by thencameyou
classy build.