Cole Pink brake pads - Bonty xxx lite tubular carbon wheels

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by poully

Anyone tried the Cole Pink Brake Pads yet?
Saw a decent review from velonews last year and the test results on Cole website seem good, but I just wonder if there's any real life experiences out there.
I've got the Bonty Carbon Stop Cork pads, but looking for something a bit better in the wet, that's unlikely to trash the Brake track.

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by eric

My friend who owns a Trek store says they regularly see ruined Bonty carbon wheels due to people using the wrong pads. Usually SwissStop Yellow. Warranty does not cover that.

Cork based pads work best on some rims but most use rubber based pads. Using one type of pad on the other type of rim is likely to not work well.

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by poully

Thanks Eric, I hear what you're saying re using non recommended pads.
The reason why I ask about the Cole Pink pads, is that according to their website they don't heat up the same as SwissStop Yellow for instance, so hopefully wouldn't cause the same damage as alledgedly caused by S.S. Yellow.
I'm not the first owner of these wheels so wouldn't get warranty cover I guess, so it's try them at my own risk I suppose !

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by jonnyBgood

Poully - If you are having braking issues..not grabbing- then try cleaning the rims with soap and water really well.

Some times the cork pads can get "glazed" a bit and if that happens take some fine sandpaper and take the "glazed" area off with the sandpaper and that should take care of it.

If that doesn't work then try a new set of cork pads. I have used the Bontrager and the Zipp cork pads on an older set of Race XXX Lites that I had.

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Max Gravity
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by Max Gravity

I use green (or grey) Scotch-Brite™ either on o normal kitchen sponge or the green sheets painters use,
to remove old brakeblock residue. A no sand grit option.
Max Gravity, unfairly treated by gravity!

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