Expected life span of S975 Quarq PM?

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by dmoneysworks

Has anyone seen any information on the expected life span a Quarq S975 unit? :noidea:

-And I don't mean the user replaceable batteries, I mean the internals.

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by eric

There are no moving parts to wear out so it should last a very long time. If one of the strain gauges stops working that'd be a defect, not wear. That should be handled under warranty.

Realistically any current product will only be supported for a certain period of time but generally by the time support ends, a large majority of users have moved on to something newer.

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by aerozy

Ive been using one during this scandinavian winter and its reliability has been a total disaster. Out of the box it lasted 1 month before braking down, sent it back for servicing, quarq sent me a new one which then lasted for 2 months! :noidea: Im not sure if its the extreme conditions or just bad luck. But if I were you I would skip the S975 and try getting hold of one of the new ones, the elsa or riken!
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