Winter gloves?

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by GripShifter

when it gets cold I use swix cross country ski gloves and when it gets freezing out I use ice-armor ice fishing gloves...both gloves are super toasty and comfy.

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by GramStrong

Hey, i'm in the hunt for some decant winter gloves, for the cold days-down to minus 10c, but it seems like must of the winter good are only good down to the freezing temp? what about the offerings from Gore? They have a lot of options and its hard to know which would suite the best?

by Weenie

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by stormp


Hestra Bike Czone!

Last winter this glove made my winter! They are pretty waterproof, youre not getting to wet inside the glove because of sweat, they keep you warm, atleast to -10-13celcius.

I tried sealskinz and gripgrap.

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by HammerTime2

stormp, which specific winter cycling glove models were you using prior to these, and what difference did you find in temperature effectiveness range?

Every time I get new winter gloves, I am always hopeful they will be better than my others. Then inevitably, I find my finger tips get cold at about the same temperature as for all my previous gloves, at about -1 or -2 C. I have been thinking that heated gloves might be the only solution to that. But maybe these are the ones?

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by stormp

Yes I have tried sealskinz and gripgrap. Cant really remember the model, but it should be their winter models.

I havent had any problems with freezing fingertips.. Thats usually the biggest issue.

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by Gregorio

I have the sealskins and wouldn't recommend. They are ok for about 2 hrs but causing hands to sweat and the inevitable cold sets in.
I have learned the best way (for me atleast) is to bring 2-3 pairs of gloves for longer rides in cold and wet conditions. Change gloves every 2 hrs. Sometimes I use a wind proof shell made by Answer, and bring multiple pairs of liners. That works well also.
I think my hands sweat more than others tho, because my hands get colder than others I ride with.

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by bricky21

Lobster mittens with latex or nitrile gloves underneath to keep sweat from soaking them.

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by russianbear

Just got some PI lobster gloves and they're the tits. Hands have never been warmer.

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by nathanong87

just got back from a 3.5 hour ride. 30F average temp.

assos fugu + seirus innovation thermex liner + hand warmers on the back of palms. made it through the entire time. wouldn't say my hands were hot, but they certainly weren't numb and i didn't mind =)

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by HammerTime2

I might as well ask again about the availability of lobster liners, to use in lobster gloves.

Lobster Glove Liners thread from November 2009

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by Northoceanbeach

I have the p I non lobster gloves. They are extremely warm but also bulky and hard to shift.

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by Fennir

Sorry for bumping...I just want to add my two cents...

I wear a pair of cold weather leather mittens that look like mittens that are usually found in army surplus stores, but these have more isolation. Under the mittens, I found that the best pair of gloves for extra warmth is the Jacob Ash Merino Wool Gloves. This is a great combination in winter weather if they stay dry. The one problem I found with wool gloves is if they pick up snow, when the mitten removes the warmth of the hands and melts the snow, then freezes. Otherwise, this combo will keep my hands warm at sub-zero weather throughout the day.

I tried Gortex gloves from this review super cold weather mittens, fleece, etc., But I keep going back to a wool/glove combine. Other gloves simply didn't warm hands during ice fishing, hunting, and trapping

There are many interesting Youtube videos on this subject, i leave one here, maybe it will help someone in the future.Good Luck
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by ryanw

Suffering from cold hands, I've purcahsed most top end options...

Assos Bonka S7s are by far the best I have used, paired with a liner, they are good down to -10.
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by quango2k

I know they are over your budget but..

Rapha winter gloves - Just got some and they are awesome!
Rapha deep winter - Wiggle has a sale on at the mo with these.

I also have a set of the below I use for commuting, cheap and keep me dry and warm! ... ter-gloves

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by campagowlo

Just done 60 miles in 5 deg C in Sportful Sotto Zero. I was pleased, warm and hands didn't sweat. Don't think they would handle 0 deg C and lower.

by Weenie

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