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Which Paved / Fire Road Clincher Tire

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Vittoria Open Pave 24mm
Michelin ProRace2 25mm
Continental GP4000 25mm
Vittoria Open CX 25mm
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by Gregorio

Next month I will be on a trip where there will be long sections of fire roads and forest service roads mixed in with paved sections.
I am wondering what people think of these tires. I am considering clincher only. I have ridden some of these roads in the past with standard 23 tires and although it was do - able, I would feel more comfortable decending with more rubber.

Vittoria Open Pave 24mm
Michelin ProRace2 25mm
Continental has a few models in 25mm

Other suggestions or comments will be appreciated.

EDIT: I made it a poll question
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by Coolhand

Of those the Continental Ultra Gator skin is the best choice.

I do tons of gravel rides in the off season, and they hold up well to gravel.

The other two are good tires, but not first choices for gravel roads.

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by 109er

I think ProCycling Magazine just did a test on tires best suited for this......and I think they liked the Open Pave 25mm.......You might also try the GP4000 4-Season 25mm or a Schwalbe Stelvio in a 25mm
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by Stolichnaya

Check out the fatties that Hampsten is using on his Strada Biancha bike - Jack Brown's from Rivendell. The Barcalounger of road tires. No not WW as an item, but they will go anywhere in comfy style. Good enough for Andy... ... ianca.html

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by Gregorio

Those would never fit my frame. I do need tires that are still good on the paved road too. probably 70% paved and 30% fire roads (relatively smooth dirt and some gravel)

I think the Continental Ultra Gatorskins would be painfully slow on the paved sections at 300g, I could be wrong...

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by Wolfshohl

Stolichnaya wrote:Jack Brown's from Rivendell


or Gran Bois

Tubulars of course would be best...

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by LloydP

I've been riding 28mm Conti Ultra Gatorskins on my cross bike since early December. They're not the fastest ever on the road, but I certainly wouldn't call them painfully slow. Keeping up with others in a group and doing my bit on the front certainly isn't a problem, and I definitely appreciate the extra comfort from the big tyres.

I'd say go for the biggest you can fit in your frame, and consider tubs if you can.

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by Geoff

I am just ordering a set of Dugast Paris-Roubaix silk 27s for my Ambrosio Nemesis 32s ro replace the Vittorias. I'll let you know how they go!

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by mdeth1313

I know I'm committing heresy here, but if you have to use clinchers, you could opt for the anti-ww tufo tubeless clinchers as well. I used to use them for commuting and in 2 years I never had 1 flat w/ them.

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by tochnics

are the bontrager hardcase and the specialized armadillo to heavy
i have been temped to the race x lite hardcase and the specialized roubaix and others but not had the chance because i dont need tires that foolproof

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by Taniwha

The Conti GP4 Seasons. Not too bad on the road, great on gravel and remarkably tough. Wear well. Only thing is to make sure that your first 30 - 50 kms are on dry roads to get rid of the mold release agent, it's super slippery on wet roads, once it's scrubbed off there's ample grip. Other alternative is a quick wipe with 400 grit sandpaper.

Of course some big volume tubs are a far better choice. I run the Conti Competition Protection 25s. Not light, but bombproof and great on the road. The cornering, esp in the wet is inspiring. Again, check out the Velonews review for some other options.
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by tete de la course

+1 on the conti 4 seasons. I have gone off road easily with no issues. I use them to train on here in the desert because for a clincher they simply will not flat. Knock on wood. :lol:

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by Zak

I have had pretty bad luck running 4000S and 4000 23mm on gravel road. I have cut up 6 tires during the last year.

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by Gregorio

I got them yesterday. A little heavier than advertized of course. Some storms are moving into the area this afternoon. I will go for a ride and try them out in the rain :wink:
Measured 24.44mm for width.


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by tomertz

Can you tell where did you buy them and how much did you pay?

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