Brake & der. cable setup - need advise

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by G6612

I have a 2013 Cannondale SuperSix Evo that weighs in at 13.4lbs with pedals and Garmin810 mounted so as it sets ready to ride. It is time for me to change out my brake and shift cables so I am wondering what might be my best option at this time.

1. Just replace my standard steel cables
2. Go to a new system I-links etc., nokon or something similar.

I am looking for something light and basically easy install not really sure what system works well or even worth the change. I am running the Sram red that came on the bike.(eeBrakes) I am also kicking around going to Sram Etap but not sure I am ready to pull the trigger on that.
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by Weenie

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by Sweetbabyj45

I'm in a similar boat. I'm leaning towards aican bungarus for weight savings and ease of setup (my experience is limited to watching videos on YouTube, so take that with a grain of salt). Aican also has a more traditional type housing which is lighter than stock which I imagine would be similar in setup to a normal cable/housing set. Fairwheel bike has a true weight comparison which can be found on their website.

powercords (swift) seem to be the lightest but the setup is a bit more involved and I've read of possible issues when using with eebrakes.

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