BMC bubbles under clear coat - Warranty?

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by Frankie13

Take the money and run. Enough alternative company's with great bikes.

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by 11.4

I've had a couple BMCs. One was one of the old ones with aluminum lugs and carbon tubes -- they didn't seal the aluminum from the caustic resin properly so it started developing white powder from the aluminum corroding at several spots. They promptly offered a refund or replacement and at the time I took a refund.

The second had the same problem as yours. Again, they promptly offered a refund or replacement. They source these frames from the Pacific Rim and while everyone is subject to some cosmetic issues on frames, you pay for a consistent finish and there is no reason why BMC should be worse than others. Will you frame die on you? No. Will it be worth less on resale? Definitely yes. Should you demand a replacement or refund? I would. I haven't seen a C59 with this problem, nor a Crumpton, nor a number of custom carbon frames you can buy domestically that can duplicate the geometry of that bike.

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by BobDopolina

It's cosmetic, barely visible and a year old.

Go for a ride.
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by Aless

I've seen many carbon frames with this kind of "problem" :? (the frames are hand painted). It's not suppose to exist on such frames but...Even on my Look 496(not cheap at all) there are small imperfection on the paint. If you're looking close...on the Look :mrgreen: you can see it. One of the best in paint finish is Colnago(remember the steel Master Olympic) but you pay the price of that paint quality.

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by lone wheeler

I had the same issue on my older SLC01, the dealer had it replaced. I know a few others it happened to on their BMC's too.

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by Ritterview

My BMC SLC01 in 2006 developed bubbles on the top tube. It was warrantied. I got a new frame.

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by timj

I have a couple of these spots on my 2011 SLC01. I don't think this is the type of thing that needs to be warrantied...unless you're really picky. Give it a couple of weeks on the road and damage from small stones/etc will look much worse then this!

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by stormur

It's cosmetic, so BMC will offer "repair voucher" … However their warranty in case of "real" issue is great indeed.

2nd thing is- should this happened in the frame on that price range …(?). In my opinion not. I already wrote about low accuracy and finish quality of BMC - this example confirm my opinion (again) . Basically ANY other frame i have/ had is/was better made than any BMC I had ( 3).

From 2nd hand, most frames is color-painted, so all imperfections are covered by paint- after paint removal you possibly would see better "flowers" than that spots ;)
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by lord_brush

Years ago, Scott replaced my CR1 Ltd frame for just this reason- no questions asked. They even offered me a betterment deal for the (then), new Addict.

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