Lezyne pump revisited

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by Poulidor

Lezyne alloy road pump: Worst pump I ever had. Sounds like an asthmatic leper. The red head is about useless. The more I see the instructions video the more I hate it. The yellow head is much worse than the red one, if anything can be worse than the red Lezyne head. Nothing like my 15 years old Joe Blow Pro. Or the old Park Pro with Hirame head.

Don't waste your money buying a Lyzine pump with the useless red or yellow heads. :evil: :evil: :evil:

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by andrewfelix

Worked in a shop which used them for pumping customers tires all year. Had to replace the head once. So impressed I bought one for myself. Had it for two years and still going strong. Can get a tubeless seal with it fine. Yellow head works as it should, just needs an oil once in a while. Suggest you get a mechanic to show you how to use it.

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by Weenie

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by Attermann

No problem with the floor pump or the small one, and it sounds like that because i pumps both ways

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by bontie

Weird. I dont rate their lights bit the pumps are superb...

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by mariovalentim

pump user for 3 years with no problem whatsoever, I don't like the pump head screw design but that's a minor concern.

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

I have a lezyne floor pump for about 7 years now. best pump i have ever had. It even blows the joe blow out of the water. Like AndrewFelix said, you can also fit a tubeless tire with it, both Road and MTB.
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by tinozee

I have one that I put a hirame head on. It's only annoying getting started on a completely flat tube sometimes. But it has no problem going over 150 psi when you need to.

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by Poulidor

Only way Lezyne pump works after 60lbs without leaking air from the head.

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by Delorre

Get something like that from Lezyne, works like a sharm, over and over again, no mather the pressure you expect :wink:

Here f.ex:

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by kulivontot

I like lezyne products.
Screw on valve means you're never bending stupid valve stems. It's also the only way to inflate tires when you lose your valve extenders and your LBS doesn't carry 90mm stems. Only issue I have every 3 years or so is to replace the O-rings. I called them up when it first happened and they sent me a replacement set for free that arrived 2 days later.
Super XL light is hella bright and seems to last a decent while.

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by Juanmoretime

I've used and worn out many pumps. My Silca track pump ranks up there with with my Lezyne Drive pump. The Silca just involved greasing the leather washer every couple of years and I had it for about 15 years. I've only had the Lezyne about 6 month but if it lasts quite some time with periodic maintenance to me it's a winner.

Everything else I used including Blackburn, Park, Topeak and Joe Blow all ranked a very distant second.

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by Poulidor

Right, this is how much I like the yellow useless Lezyne chuck.

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by nlouthan

I wonder if they just have some kind of quality control problem. It seems like the quality of Lezyne pumps comes up somewhat regularly and there always seem to be some guys that have had horrible luck with them. I've been very happy with my Lezyne pumps (floor and mini) and have had great results with that same gold head.

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by Alexvpaq

My pump has a black thing, it works flawlessly, better than anything else I've tried. I'm sorry you didn't have a similar experience. Though it could push more air in per stroke and I would be happy :P

by Weenie

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by mdeth1313

Never used/tried one. Bought a slica super pista about 10 years ago and never needed anything else.
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