Assos bib short sizing - Really???

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by snowdevlin

Bringing this thread back to like, I could use an opinion guys....

I'm an Assos size L on bibs mille S5, fi.13 and the new t.cento. Fi13 feels tighter, the t. cento and mille just plain confortable.
On assos tights I got the LL.Habu size XL, I tryed L but they seemed to tight and XL provided and overall better fit.

Now I'm looking to buy the bibknickers Tk.607_S5 (I'm not sold on the S7 chamois and prefer to buy the older version - S5), but can only find it online...
Which size you think I should go?
Size L like all shorts? or size XL like the most similar item I got, the tights?

Many thanks for your help!

by Weenie

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by DMF

I've got two pairs of the 607_S5 in Large... Only Assos I've got, but I run L in Etxeondo Attaque, L in everything Gore, L in Mavic knickers. I'm 172cm and go from 71-74kg, typical sprinters build with 30-32" waist in casual pants and a bit of volume in the thighs. The TK's fit me slightly snugger than the others, but Id say comfortably snug, not overly tight. Maybe not the exact answer you were looking for but I hope that helps... ;)

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by snowdevlin

Actually it does help, I'm a bigger guy, and considering the tight fit of your Tk and your build I really should go for XL then.
Thanks DMF!

Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

I've got a lot of Assos S5 in size L. I am 183 cm and 77 kg and I have worn S5 Uno, S5 607 and S5 Mille bib shorts, S5 607 LL/Habu bib tights, S5 TK 607 knickers and S5 TK 434 knickers. Here are my impressions of the fit:

- The least compressive fit of all of the above is the S5 Mille bib short.
- The S5 Uno bib short and S5 TK 434 knickers fit about the same in terms of compression and length from crotch to shoulder, although 2011-12 era Uno bib shorts fit more snug than 2013-2014 era Uno. The latest runs of the Uno were closer to Mille in fit (which annoyed me).
- The S5 LL 607 bib tight is comfortably snug on me, but later year runs when Assos changed the name to S5 LL Habu the fit was slightly less snug on me.
- The S5 607 bib short and S5 TK 607 bib knicker fit about the same, not quite as snug as the bib tight but certainly more compression than the Mille.

Depending on your height, I would probably suggest you go with size L in the TK 607 bib knicker. If you can wear the F.I.13 in size L I think you should be fine, and IME the bib knicker will not be quite as tight as the Habu bib tight. One thing to consider is that the garments should fit very tight in a standing position, as they are designed to fit best in a riding position. Plus, they will break in a small amount. But I can say that I have a pair of 607 bib tights that have done nearly 4 winter seasons and they still have good compression.

One negative for me with the bib knickers is the length below the knee. I find the lower gripper/hem sits a little too high on me and it tends to want to migrate upwards and I end up with the lower kind of bunched up below my knees. If I keep re-positioning it and I get a bit of sweat going it will eventually start to stay in place, but honestly I doubt I would buy the knickers again, I would just use the thermal bibs (either S5 or the newer S7 Tiburon) with knee warmers.

Hope this helps.

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by tinozee

6'3" 162 lbs size XL. L would be too short!

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by Calnago

I'm 6'1", 200lbs, 91cm inseam. I take XLG in all things Assos. Just got some new TK.tiburu knickers in XLG and really like the pad etc but they seem significantly shorter on me than the knickers I had before (TK.607). The hem is half the width however and while it seems like it kinds of comes just below the knee I haven't been bothered by them bunching up behind. Worn them 3 or 4 times so far. Big fan of the new pads on the high end stuff but damn, they's expensive.
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by snowdevlin

I ended up going for size XL...
My bibthights were actually the LL.Bonka, and since they have quite a few layers of diferent fabric, they fit tighter.
These TK.607 bibknickers are a bit more strechy and fit spot on, just hope I don't loose any weight in the meantime...

As for the S7 pad, I have the T.Cento bibshorts and although liking it, I fail to see the huge improvement Assos claims. Could well do with S5 pads for many years.

Thanks for your help :)

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