Assos bib short sizing - Really???

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by jmilliron

Another data point: 6'1", 155 lbs, 30" waist. I've got medium Assos bibs and they fit fine. Could probably drop down to small.
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by Rush

I just bought my first pair today. I'm 6' 3" (190cm) and 88 kg with a 36" waist. I have a relatively shorter torso and long legs (with a long femur). I tried on the FI MILLE S5 in L and XL with the long leg. In the end I went for the L. The strap tension on the XL tended to go slack when I bent over. The L still had some tension in them when I crouched over. The guy in the shop also said the L was better for me.

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by mellowJohnny

183cm, 32 waist, L in Assos

Do you have a dealer near by to try them on? I started with a M and finally stuck with large.

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by Y26

Does the F13 one's shoulder strap supposed to fit very tight.

When you stand up right, I can felt the strap is pulling me down when the M is just comfortable.

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by Routier

I'm looking at getting my first pair of Assos bibs as my newish Castellis are going back due to the stitching on the padding coming undone after just a few months...

I could do with some help on sizing as according to their chart I should fit an XLG but I suspect that they would be too lose. I'm 6'4"/193cm and have a 32"/81cm waist.


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by stax

I'm 191cm, 80kg with a 32 waist and wear XL Assos bibs. L were too short and i think XLG would be too big.

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by Renatita81

I'm 6'5" tall weight 195lbs and wear XLG they fit perfectly!

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by Antoine

you have 2 versions, standard and long leg

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by LionelB

196cm, 84kg. XLG.

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by Routier

stax wrote:I'm 191cm, 80kg with a 32 waist and wear XL Assos bibs. L were too short and i think XLG would be too big.

You're the closest to me in size and shape and your suggestion confirms my thoughts.

Thanks for all the replies.

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by MattSoutherden

I'm 189, 76kg. I have a pair of Unos that are waaay too big for me.

As has been mentioned, you probably want L (or maybe even M if you like snug fitting), but get the long leg version.
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by kelboodha

I'm 6'3" tall 174lbs and a 32 inch waist. I wear a large and the Uno fit perfect. My torso is shorter then typical and the straps require me to bend over when putting them on (really the way it should be). The straps are a little tight when standing, less so after breaking them in and perfect in the drops or hoods. I recommend you go with a large and if the straps are too tight then have a seamstress add an inch or so (only one response mentioned this previously surprisingly because a lot of thin taller guys do this). The chamois pulled very snug so no movement is priority. These bibbs give great compression and if I dropped any more weight I would consider mediums.

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by Oswald

Northoceanbeach wrote:I'm not sure I missed the point, the rest of my post was my experience with Assos sizing. Can we really not have a little seance of humour here?

Anyways that's a real answer, I may have tried to be funny but the point is valid.

You are in the top 1% of the height range so I can't see how if you don't wear an XL who would?

Particularly since they are made to stretch at the legs and waist. I think you only need worry about length, and what people haven't mentioned is I'm sure you har long legs, not only do you need to har the bib straps long enough but you need the inseam long enough as well.

Everybody knows Assos are known for a tight fit, I'm sure they will be tight enough.

I agree. I was surprised when reading someone his height is trying to squeeze into a pair of medium bibs... I'm 1m76 and weigh 66kg and a pair of mediums feels perfect for me. At 1m96 I would go for XL.

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by Routier

Well, at 193cm and 77kg I went with the Large size and other than being a bit tight in the crotch (but maybe that's just me :wink: ) they're a great fit. I went to a shop in the end to try some and found the XLs were too long, loose around the grippers and the straps would have been too long when on the bike.

Thanks again.

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by bricky21

Buy based on height, or have them tailored. You'll never realize the quality of a pair of bike shorts if the pad doesn't stay in the right place. If overweight then consider the Mille since they're less tight.

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