Upgrade advice requested - Chorus --> EE brakes - worth it??

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by phunky

Hi - after reading about all the positive reviews of EE brakes, I'm thinking of getting them to upgrade my '08 Chorus skeleton brakes. However, neither my bike (nor I) am particularly light; SO the question for those who have upgraded is, do you think the peformance improvement (Assuming there is one) would be worth it, ignoring the reduced weight?

many thanks!!

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by maggierose

EE brakes are phenomenal. They have fantastic feel & modulation IHMO. But Campy brakes are also very good. If EE = 100; Chorus = 97-95. So if you aren't in it for the weight savings or the aesthetics, it is not worth it. (My 2 cents).

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by phunky

Thanks for the reply.

I will be interested to see if the weight of opinion comes down in the same direction. Might just not need to break open the (second) piggy bank!! (The first was sacrificed for the Silca SuperPista Ultimate - but that's another story.... :shock:)

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by nlouthan

Went from Super Record to EEs, but have to agree with Maggierose that excluding weight, there isn't much of a real performance difference. Having said that, EEs are fantastic and somewhat uncommon. I always get asked about them.

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by Dowks

+1 to above, buy for weight and aesthetics. Performance is great but not that much better. May be worth a tip for ease of pad change if you run allow and carbon rims.

That said this is WW so just get them bought :D

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by boysa

How can it get any easier to change pads than Campy? Just slide them in, slide them out. (Of course, I've removed those silly tabs on mine.)

I've long thought about making the same change, but truthfully can't justify the expense. In fact, last time around I even went from SR brakes down to Chorus. Took the money I saved and used it elsewhere. After the first time out, didn't miss a thing.
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by phunky

Sounds like a quorum. Thanks all. I only change pads when they wear out, so that's not a big issue for me. I'll keep my cash for groceries and clothes for the boy (he'll be happy!!!)

Now I just need to install the 2015 chorus shifters, etc. that arrived!!!

Thanks again.

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by eric

Good pads like SwissStop Black (assuming aluminium rims) may give a noticeable improvement.

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by phunky

Thanks - upgraded to the salmon coloured kool stops. They seem much better (to me) than the stock campy's in the wet.

How do the kool stops compare to the Swiss stops?

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by cyclenutnz

As a larger rider my next bike will be Campag calipers again. EE just don't have the same absolute power, I least as I perceive things.
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by wheelsONfire

EE brakes are just as good as Shimano DA 9000 brakes. I have both. If you buy them, i guess you do to lower all over weight on your bike.
But this means you change many parts for lighter versions, not just the brakes. Or, try other approved pads (i mean, those that are approved by your rim maker).
There are pads that can void your warranty and destroy your rims even if stated for carbon rims.
You save 110 grams going from EE brakes with pads, compared to Shimano brakes with same brands of pads.
In this case, SwissStop Black prince.

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