Corima Winium+ v. Campy Hyperon One? Which do I keep?

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by joelpace

I need some help deciding which pair of carbon climbing wheels to keep. I have a set of Corima Winium+'s and a set for Campy Hyperon One's, both 2012 editions. I love both sets but can't really have that much money tied up in what are essentially the same set of wheels. I am thinking about selling one to raise cash for July trip to France for the 100th Tour. So, which do I part with?

Cormia as super nice, unique (you don't see them much in the USA), light (slightly under 1400g), ride really nice, spin up well, and look great. I had them built with black spokes. Oh, and the hubs are about as trick as you can get....beautiful carbon.

On the other hand, the Hyperons are..., well, Hyperons. They are light, spin really nicely, slightly lighter than the Cormina's (but not by much), but have inferior hubs. They are beautiful on my campy equipped bikes.

So, I need some feedback....which would you sell :noidea: ?



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by LionelB

Inferior hubs ? I would keep the hyperon. Campy hubs are the best.

by Weenie

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by kgt

I guess he means inferior in looks. IMHO keep what looks the best on your bike, with your groupset, etc.

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by Mackers

Corima for me.

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by cerro

Hyperons, of course
/jonas l (my cyclingblog)

by Weenie

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by fdegrove


Having had both Corima and Campa all I can say is that both are top notch.
If you want a keeper I'd go for the Campa Hyperon. The rim is indestructible, the hubs a best of class and can even be changed to CULT level if you want to go down that road.

A bit of a waste when running the clincher versions though.......

Ciao, ;)
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