Colnago C59 or Bianchi Oltre XR/ Oltre

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by Calnago

Love the frame but agree with others about the Time stem. Just change it. It's gonna be nice.
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by Weenie

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by Sisbud

Fsa plasma integrated stem handlebar in white would look great for this particular build, IMHO.

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by stang1

Thanks for the feedback guys, I have deeply considered getting a normal stem, DEDA, FSA plasma etc, but I had a long think and figuered heck, I should stick with what Im most comfortable with. Its exactly the same setup as on my S3. I might do a custom paintjob down the future, but for now, the combo is raw sexiness to me :lol:

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by airwise

I like the stem.

People are often reluctant to be different but I'm not. I think it looks great.

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by stang1

Quick update ! Everything is here and ready to roll except for my saddle. I was told of a week but its been say.. 8 days? :noidea: pics doesnt do justice from an iphone.


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