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by prendrefeu

It doesn't affect me, but it will affect quite a few users here:

http://www.bikeradar.com/news/article/s ... els-36271/

Specialized is recalling the forks on all iterations of the 2012 Tarmac SL4, 2013 Tarmac SL4, 2013 Crux and 2013 Secteur Disc bicycles and framesets. The forks are being recalled after a few instances of a carbon fiber steerer tube cracking or breaking. The recall affects approximately 12,200 bikes in the US.
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by Weenie

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by Anders

Maby they should have tested a bit more. Would have been cheaper in the long run.

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by jrennie

First as the previous owner of a '12 sl4 and current '13 venge(not mentioned in recall but uses same steer tube I thought, emailed specialized for clarification) the US consumer product safety report says there was 2 reported incidents of failure. Hopefully it stays at that number and if so I would hardly say .016% failure rate is a sign of a cheap product or poor testing protocols.

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by Frans

The failure rate is low (for now) and the recall keeps it low. Where it should be.

When they did the risk assessment, they would have dragged out all the testing and the specification sent to the builders of what exactly they ordered. Obviously, they didn't have enough confidence that these were isolated incidents and could not isolate the problem nor predict what might next happen.

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by btompkins0112

I would think this should include the Allez Race as well since it has the Tarmac fork.

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by jrennie

That's why I emailed for clarification. It seems a lot of models use the same tapered carbon fork steer beyond what is listed.

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by HaroldC

btompkins0112 wrote:I would think this should include the Allez Race as well since it has the Tarmac fork.

That's what I'm afraid of. I was hoping to start building the bike this weekend.

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by Butcher

Interesting that they are repairing the forks by installing a carbon sleeve inside the tube. You won't be riding your bike for a couple of weeks. But you also get a $100 gift certificate. I'd rather get a loaner bike.

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by rhyslewisdavies

Well I cant moan - took my Tarmac SL4 fork in last Monday and theyd sent a brand new one as a replacement by Thursday along with my £100 voucher. :lol:

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by jamesfifield

Though I don't have an affected fork, I have recently dealt with Specialized warranty department.
They were at all times incredibly courteous and always the model of professionalism. I was really impressed.
Hopefully everyone affected by this gets their fork sorted soon and is out on the road as soon as possible.

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by KWalker

The new forks simply have another carbon tube glued inside the regular one. Such a chop job. Specialized's quality is really going downhill.
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by Weenie

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by Northoceanbeach

Please don't criticize Specialized's quality. Those skilled Taiwanese Artisans have feelings. Feelings and a passion for cycling.

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