Can I run a cable through this steerer tube?

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by quattrings


Maybe a weird question but I'm building a road bike with discs. I wanted to use the standard steel fork that came with my frame but my disc is just touching the fork ever so slightly. One option would be to try and dent the fork in this particular area, but it is risky and after that I would need to weld disc tabs on the fork.

As an alternative I could by a new CX disc ready fork. Only problem is I also want to run some electronic gizmo's on the bike that requires a cable to enter through the steerer tube. So is it possible to enter the steerer tube through the brake mounting holes on the crown of this particular fork?


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by chazzawoods

if the fork steerer tube has an exit hole at the bottom then you should be able to route the electronic cables down and out, minding clearance for the tyre, I have done this and it is a neat looking improvement. As for the brake lines, I would avoid and stay safe, plus the cable would have to bend in ways that would make the inner wire keep sticking with the friction.
Because they are brakes, I would leave as is.
No, I am not trying to sell you something.

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by quattrings

I meant electronic cables, yes.

This fork is not open on the bridge in between the legs. That's why I want to know if it's possible to run a cable through the mounting holes for a road brake or mudguards.

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by eric

If the end of the steerer is closed, then the brake mounting hole is not open to the steerer tube.

You could drill a small hole from inside the steerer to break into the brake hole, but that would require a long drill extension and the likelyhood of being able to drill an accurate and straight hole like that is low. I would not be comfortable drilling a big hole in it, especially when I can't see what's going on down there.

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by BobDopolina

You could drill a hole through the bottom of the bridge into the steerer tube and then block the external hole with a Velo Plug or even a piece of PU (like the clear pieces that are used to protect your HT from wear caused by the shift cables).
Having the hole there might even help you while you are routing the electric cable(s). Covering it over would be the last step.
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