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by konky

I think the best way to torque is by feel but it is reassuring to have a torque wrench set at max as a back up to prevent a f@#k up. I have a Effito Maripposa, it's just nice to use. I nearly always torque below trigger point but if it clicks I KNOW i've gone over.

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by kode54

i also tend to use a lower torque...but again, i use carbon paste as well...which you can torque less than the given value.
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by Weenie

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by kx_1

Ι agree 100%, I am using an Effetto Mariposa, exactly the way you say and i have never had a problem. I have the same wrench for more than 2 years, and i have fixed more than 15 bikes.

tetonrider wrote:
Squint wrote:
JohnHesjedal wrote:And what about posts #4 & 6 ????


" I am a huge nerd for high end & well built tools, and I can vouch for the Effetto Mariposa torque wrench being one of my favorite tools of all time. Hell, it's even made its way into my jersey pockets on some rides, pretty much just because I can :)

At the very least, go click style, make sure you reset to zero after use, and don't buy one from harbor freight."

Worthless opinions nearly as useless as all the paid for reviews.

i'm an owner of the effeto mariposa wrench, so full disclosure there. i paid retail for mine. it was quite a bit of money, but it offered a nice package (particularly the size, which is an issue for me traveling to races quite a bit).

anyway, what i have seen over the years is that many people do not understand how to properly use a torque wrench, or to properly set the torque for something like a stem's faceplate. i have seen many people blame the equipment when the problem is poor technique.

i read both glowing positive reviews and very negative reviews with the same skepticism. as an example with the negative reviews on slow twitch...
1) that site has lots of people who tend to have quite a bit of money for bike parts and comparatively not as much experience wrenching.
2) with the premium pricing of the mariposa, perhaps it attracts a customer (drawn to the 'high price is best' mode of thinking) that may also have less experience working on their bike. it also may spawn the "it cost more than others so it must just automatically work without knowing how to operate it" mentality.

in that negative slowtwitch post, is it really possible that someone needs a torque wrench to set a cable fixing bolt? that makes me skeptical right there. also, they made it all the way to 10Nm before realizing something was wrong? doesn't take an amazing mechanic to know that there is a big difference in feel from 5 to 10.

in the instructions, effeto say to (and my practice is to) set the torque low, something like 1-2Nm, to "warm up" the wrench. had the user done this he could have determined if there was a problem before destroying a part.

one has to be pretty ham-handed to make some of those mistakes. it's not like he wanted to set it to 5Nm and the part broke at 5.25Nm.

also, we don't know if this guy stores his wrench long-term dialed up to 10, 12Nm, which would affect the long-term calibration. he may also not use short stroke that would trip the wrench.

i'm going with user error on this one.

it's a quality wrench that serves a purpose. it may not be for everyone. it, like every other torque wrench, is not foolproof.

bike parts are generally not NASA-grade projects. it could be that NASA abandoned mechanical torque wrenches (if true) for reasons valid to their work, where a difference of 1Nm could be life or death at Mach 1 speeds.

if one resets the mariposa wrench, stores it properly, and reads the instructions (obviously, all take a bit of care), it is fine. it's not a normal wrench and shouldn't be treated as such. to blame parts breaking on any wrench is dumb.
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Mattias Hellöre
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by Mattias Hellöre

With the time I have used many torque wrenches and own Syntace and Park here, I like the beam ones as they don´t rely on mechanics only on a beam that cannot fail but the stop is in your hands.

For example a stem faceplate or a seatpost clamp, I usually start at half of recommended torque along with carbon grip compound, if it don´t rotate, I stop otherwise I tighten gradually up to recommended torque.

Often the manufacturers have 2x or 3x as upper limit of recommended torque, that is common sense as customers aren´t F1 mechanics or Rocket Engineers, they don´t understand the importance of proper torque specs and how to clean and prepare parts prior tightening.

In any mechanic shop you can find a sheet with recommended torque specs in Nm or imperial equivalent and often three different columns for dry, waxed and oiled screws.

That´s the real life, please treat your stuff with same amount of care as your earned $$$$.

Most but not all manufacturers supply the screws pregreased or prelubed. That does give wildly different torque specs, a dry screw in a pitted anodized threaded hole does not give the same clamping force as a welllubed threaded hole.

1. 5Nm in a dry hole gives a rotating handlebar in a stem.
2. 5Nm in a well lubed hole gives a firm clamping force.

1. When you take out the screw and crank up the wrench to 7Nm ( or the wrench is uncalibrated due to improper care) and lube the screw you get a damaged part. Warranty void.
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by Johnny_Yutah

After 1 month of investigation, Paypal has finally recognized that I was right.

Be aware of this guy :

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by carbon2329

It seems the facts have come out. (glad Paypal reccognized you were right :) )

Interesteing the OP starts this thread with a single post then three pages later he hasen't posted even a second time. :noidea:

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by minimini

ok ok ..

My english is not good ~!

I see now what looked replies

I believe you do not know how this Johnny_Yutah.
I am sure it is true that the handle bar late.
The reason is because delivery agencies used

Never mounted on the handle bar.
I posted pictures on the handle bar is a picture when you first receive

PayPal now if you think this ring was given for the seller's side too angry.

Do not get me wrong

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