Help me to calc stack and reach for a Scott Cr1 -08 frame

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by tri

Hello I'm thinking about upgrading my bike with a new frame, and been reading and found out that stack and reach is the best information to have when looking for new frame candidates. I currently own a Scott Cr1 2008 model in size XXL (virtual 61cm).

The original geometry spec doesn't tell Stack and reach. But I've found this page: which can help you to calculate the values. But I'm missing some numbers. Could someone help med get the correct numbers for the frame?

The geo specs:
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by js

A fellow Weenie posted this one a while ago, and I've been using it with success ever since:


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by tri

That's the very same page that I was referring to, and what I'm having trouble to fit all the values into. To get the "correct" result out of. Namely the measurements named:


In the spread sheet.

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by JN2Wheels

If you currently own the frame in question, measure it. Place it with the front wheel against a hard vertical surface, steered straight. Take two measurements, one from the head tube top and center to the wall, and the second from the center of the bb to the floor. Now measure from the wall to the bb center. Subtract the headtube to wall figure and that leaves reach. Next measure from headtube center top to the floor. Subtract bb center to floor figure and that leaves stack. Done. The more accurate you are with your centers, the better your figures will compare to published numbers.

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by russianbear

If you get the numbers will you post them here? I have the same frame and size, but forgot my tape measure several hours away..

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by cyclenutnz

This is what I have in my database
blue values are calculated
red numbers are assumed
I note that I'd entered 380 as the fork length for the next generation of CR1 and I think that may be a better figure for the original as I don't recall the fork changing.
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