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by theletterk

hi everyone,

i just placed an order for a Tommasini Tecno frame in gold. I do not have some items that are needed to complete the bike and i need some suggestions as to what i should be getting.
I envisioned the bike to be Gold with black/CF parts. (Classic steel frame with modern parts)

The bike will be running on SR11 which i have at the moment together with my bora 2 dark label.

I am missing these items.

Seat Post (27.2mm)
Headset (1") - i opted for my fork to be made threadless.
Bottle cage

Any recommendations for the above mentioned items? :wink:


by Weenie

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by haydos

I've got a Tecno in the Italian scheme coming myself...

I'm building:

Super Record Ti,
Deda Newton Shallow (italian classic bend)
Deda Superzero Post 27.2
Deda Newton Stem ( i didn't think the Zero100 would look right- Too thick)
San Marco Regale Carbon rails - white
Speedplay Zero's Ti White
Leather White Bar Tape
Chris King Sotto Voce Silver 1" ( i know most would say use a Campy Record Headset)
Elite Inox Stainless Cages

Wheels: (I sold my Dark Label Bora 2's as I didn't think they'd suit...)

Enve 25 Tubular 20/24 de-badged
Tune Mig70/mag170 Silver
DT Comps Silver
Vittoria Corsa CS Gum Sidewall

Ambrosio Nemesis 32H
Record Hubs
DT Comps
Vittoria Pave's

Good luck with the build - be sure to post pics!

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by Rumsas

I am looking very much forward to seeing those bikes, happy building

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by theletterk

i will have to use time pedals as my other bikes are all on time (not sure if the pedals will fit the Tommasini's theme).

Bar tape will be Deda's light gold OR Look's metallic gold. all depends on how the gold turns out when it arrives.

Stem - probably a Zeronero ( I have a newton as a i'll have to match it when the frame arrives )

Seatpost - superzero is the obvious choice/range from Deda....are there any other brands to take note for seat post? something plain without wordings etc.

handlebar - still looking at various Deda models.....but i am using the Presa on my other bike so i might stick to the same design. (suggestions on which bar will look better is appreciated!)

saddle - i am thinking of re-holstering it in gold vinyl leather using the concor....but thats a long shot as i might use a black CF saddle to maintain a slim look throughout the bike.

Choice of wheel will always be the bora for me....been riding it for too long and love it too much. But if the profile doesn't suit the look of the bike, then i will have to save up for the Hyperon.

I have 4 months to get all these sorted any ideas is very much appreciated. :D

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by theletterk

time for a little update.

the past few months have been really slow...waiting for the frame to arrive is a pain. But i've been told it should be arriving 'soon'.

however, i found a little time to do some work and gotten the parts i need to build up the bike.

Confirmed parts are as follow.

SR11 Ti
Deda Presa handlebar
Cinelli Metallic gold (high gloss) bartape
KMC X11SL chain in gold
Jagwire cable in gold
Deda zero100 stem
Deda Drittissimo Seatpost (probably will be sanding it down to remove the red wordings)
CF saddle
record headset
Bora 2 dark label (my quest for a set of hyperon came to a halt as i spent the money i saved for it on the SR EPS for my other bike.....i'm happier that way!)

guess nothing else is missing....except the frame!!!!

the wait continues........

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by SWijland

I absolutely love those Tommasini Tecno frames! A shame they don't make the Velocista model anymore. The only model that looked better than the Tecno.

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by bikewithnoname

I would suggest keeping it Italian,

Stem/post/bar in 3T team stealth or a lightly badged Deda combo (they seem to go mad on logo’s at times)
Fizik saddle to suit your taste (black on black)
Chris King headset (solto voce) in silver or black (or Gold)

Basically this is what I put on my Responsorium (except I have a WR post as it needed to be 30.0) and I think the look works well, makes you look at the frame rather than the components
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by Wester-Ross

Nitto do some hi-end track stuff in gold. Very good quality and plain and simple. Their NJSP72 post is available in limited quantities in gold and 27.2.

A black Rolls saddle would suit as they have a gold metal strip at the rear of saddle.

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by theletterk

so the frame FINALLY came after a wait of 1 year.

i waited patiently for it to come and when it left such a huge smile on my face that i can remove.

The lugs on it are beautiful




sending it down to the builder next week with all the parts that i have prepared for the past year :)

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by ThePullMan

Hi! Just wondering - whereabouts in Singapore did you get your frame from? Because I'm interested in one too!
It isn't going to be easy, but it's going to be worth it.

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by theletterk

Hi....I asked my close friend to source this bike for me. He is from vanguard designs.

Say kenny recommended you :)

by Weenie

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