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by Weenie

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by fletch62

Both times the chainring bolts were installed by the supposed best mechanics in the area.

The issue may be the fact i am running a compact Record 11 but with a Stronglight CT2 36t inner chainring.
Maybe this is the problem :noidea:
Both times i have lost 2 bolts whilst riding, both times the bolt into the crank arm was gone.
The remaining bolts look like they have been cross-threaded when installed.

Anyway going to SRAM now, plus its lighter.
Anyone got some shifters to sell?

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by nathanong87

so now that i've seen groups including the 2012 exogram rings on the s900 crank from sram.... does that mean i can use the exogram rings on my s975 quarq? never seen this done. i'll call quarq later today though when they are open. just wondering if anyone has pix or experience

well apparently it works =)

but has anyone ever done this?

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Thanks to the retro compatibility info in this thread, I swapped out my prev-gen Red FD with a new Red FD w/yaw. It works great; no issues! :lol:

My crank is a Zipp Vuma with 9/10 Vuma rings and the chain is KMC X10 SL. Previously, it was hit and miss on a fast shift to the big ring. Sometimes the old Red FD made the shift rapidly especially if I backed off the power during the shift and babied it. Unfortunately, I could frequently hear / feel the chain attempting to claw its way up to the big ring ... usually taking about one full revolution.

With the new yaw FD, it's just the opposite: the shift to the big ring is more often instantaneous and infrequently hesitant. I call it a big win and a reminder that what I had before was sub-optimal.

I was ready to swap out my Zipp 9/10 rings for their newer 10/11 models, but the yaw FD was a less expensive option. I'll do the rings later. I'm happy that it worked out! Thanks for the info.


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by Rick

The new front D is definitely backward compatable with 2011 FORCE cranks and chainwheels. I am using them right now. No problems at all.
It is also compatable with 2011 FORCE shifters. They just give you an "unnecessary" trim position. Then, I switched to 2013 RED shifters and they work even smoother and better. But it takes a bit of fiddling to get the adjustment exactly right so that you don't miss having the trim position.
I cross-chain relentlessly, and there is no problem even doing that.

For the record, I have a derailleur alignment tool and checked/adjusted alignment before changing components.
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by SDP

ive been toying with swapping my 1st gen red front for a while..its ok but nowhere near as good as my 7800 was..
was going to try a tiso but i may just go for a new Red .
using rotor cranks CT2 rings & kmc chain
already got new rear der so hoping it will be good upgrade..

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