Toe Overlap on a Venge

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by jmilliron

People worry about toe overlap when picking a frame? :lol:
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by Weenie

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by Bianchi10

ultimobici wrote:No different to the Venge he was riding in 2011


Good god that venge is hideous

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by michel2

[quote="kulivontot"]Because everyone rides their bike only at races 100% of the time. Get your head out of your asses, toe overlap is super annoying any time

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by nathanong87

toe overlap is 100% annoying for that .1% when it happens.

track standing at light... put your foot down like a normal person then, if u are phazed by toe overlap.

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by Wingnut

Move your cleats...problem solved! :thumbup:
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by kulivontot

I was going to say shorter cranks. Problem isn't cleat placement, the shoe is just longer

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by elviento

The reason is that today's world of mass manufacturing is based on volume, hence 650c frames seldom make economic sense except for a small number of manufacturers, let alone the lack of choices of rims and tires.

Plus, 650c is not the panacea as you only gain 25mm of extra clearance, which for 51+ should be fine but for sizes under 50 (unless you go with 71 deg head angle and 75 deg seat angle), overlap will remain.

Either that, or designers are just dumb. :smartass:
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by thisisatest

One could make an argument for lengthening chainstays on the smallest bikes. Keep the front-center at the minimum for no toe overlap, only shorten the stem, and to keep the weight distribution proper, make the rear end longer. Yes, it'll have drawbacks, it's all a series of compromises. I wonder how it would do.

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by Shinobi

A lot of discussion and thoughts here guys, but I think the obvious answer is that Cav has secretly amputated his toes and opted with custom shoes to avoid the toe overlap, save a few grams, and make himself more aerodynamic on the bike. Any self respecting pro rider would consider it.

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by tommasini

Blame your parents for needing to ride small frames with 700c wheels that lead to toe overlap :D :D :D

Or realize it's all a compromise for riders who need smaller frames vs do you want a slack head angle, do you want a size of wheels no one else rides, do you want to track stand a certain way or not at all..... :noidea:

Or best answer is just go fast and you don't need to turn sharpish :thumbup:

Hav'n sum fun with this - no harm intended :beerchug:

PS: I bet a lot of pro basketball players (meaning real tall) don't dictate the interiour size of standard cars just because they are rich and there are people that will fall out of the business model they always could go custom to get what they really want........and as we know, carbon can be done custom........ 8)

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by Wingnut

If I was to get a custom bike I'd add a cm or two to the top tube & drop 1-2 cm on the stem...eliminates toe overlap & allows a more stretched out bike which I like...
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by Putricaina

Anyone who thinks first of all that toe overlap is critical, especially for a sprinter doesnt know what theyre talking about. If you know the slightest basics aboud turning a bike, toe overlap will never be an issue. Also, shorter clearence results in a shorter total length, giving the bike much quicker responsiveness. Mclaren and specialized did something new , not perfect but it kind of led to alot more companies wanting to invest in aero research which I think is tremendously important in road racing.

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by LeePaton

Is it just me that thinks the head angle is ever so slightly on his two venges? not by much but enough that the OPQS wheel looks a bit more tucked?

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by JBV

Wingnut wrote:If I was to get a custom bike I'd add a cm or two to the top tube & drop 1-2 cm on the stem...eliminates toe overlap & allows a more stretched out bike which I like...

Also reduces weight on the front wheel, which is an issue in fast cornering - you'll slide the front wheel. Shorter stem also makes handling a bit more "jittery."

Point being - it's all a set of compromises. You weigh them all and make the decision that suits the type of riding you do.

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by Wingnut

I personally have a longer upper body compared to my legs (179cm tall), currently ride a 54cm seat tube ctc & a 56cm top tube ctc...I once had an old custom steel frame with a 57cm top tube so don't really think an extra cm will be too detrimental to the handling... ;)
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by Weenie

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