USE Alien seatpost clamp breakage

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by odin99

anyone ever had a yoke thingy break on their USE alien seatpost clamp? the one with one bolt. one of the pieces / parts (yoke?) that holds the saddle from above cracked and broke. I believe it was under recommended torque. it broke when i sat down quickly to accelerate after a stoplight.

I tried contacting USE, but no luck so far.

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by rob1891

I found the torque needs to be checked frequently after adjusting the saddle. Definitely had mine slip before, broke once also (an mtb crash, but same manner of failure, landing heavy on the saddle, it slipping and the clamp breaking).

No problems on the road bike for me.

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by CrossRob

Mine slipped in a cross race this week - had to do the last lap without a saddle. No breakages though.

When a replacement clamp is about 15 pounds, I wouldn't spend too much time chasing USE.

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