Yoeleo Pre-Build Report

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by boneman

170 for xmas, MIG is out of stock for now. Pondered the rim material and almost went H Plus Son Archetype after having buying one and building it up. Almost until they went from 450 to 480..... My only carbon clincher experience has been a pair of 45mm Gigantex rims I bought from Brandon of BHS and while heavy (500gr) they've been quite strong and reliable after 5,000km of riding.

Saw an interesting post here by Wookieopolis who had built up a pair of wheels using 23mm rims from Yoeleo. Okay, they were tubs but they looked good. Some PM's back and forth and then between Xmas and New Years resulting in a purchase of a pair of 23mm carbon clinchers, 38mm F 20h and 50mm R 24H. Leo, Liu, said they wouldn't ship out until the 5th and I just received them today.

China? Well I lived and worked there for four years. During that time I visited and financed some manufacturing companies. Okay, IP is an issue but they can, under the right circumstances, manufacture some pretty good stuff. It is the factory of the world although Xiamen has been known more for party corruption and cigarette smuggling in the past.

Rims look very well finished and no obvious cosmetic defects. Yes, they are 23mm wide and they have actual clincher hooks and reasonably stout braking surface thickness and depth. Rim bed looks to be about 4-5mm but will measure that and ERD for both rims after dinner.

Unfortunately, will be leaving on Monday for a two week trip to Tokyo and upon returning will be going to New Zealand the hike the Milford Trek. Also, the Tune front hub is currently a stockout at Fairwheel so hopefully when I come back, everything will be waiting for the build.

Will be using Pillar bladed spokes and the rims are drilled for external nipples. Not sure I will be able to used washers on this build but will see when it comes to the build.

Oh yeah, weight. Front is 470gr and rear is 490.

Stay tuned but be patient.
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