Training wheels choice. Ultegra tubeless vs 3T Accelero 40

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by ichobi

Hey guys,i am in the process of building up a bike for my mate who just got into road race. I am selecting a set of wheels for his rig. It's either Ultegra 6700 tubeless vs 3T Accelero 40 pro. These are the two sets we got heavy discount on.

He will be riding mostly flat and on rare occasion some hills. 3T costs 160 bucks more but still way lower than its MSRP.

I like the 3T but they are so new no one has review them yet. They are quite heavy at 1.8kg but a 40mm depth and 23mm width which are quite nice for flat terrain.

Ultegras are cheaper and proven to roll great and durable.

The rig is Ridley fenix and has all 3t components so I thought might as well round it up with matching wheels.


Any thought on 3T?

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by mellowJohnny

Can't go wrong with those Ultegra hoops...

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by btompkins0112

What grouppo are you using on the build? If ultegra, match that....if other match the cockpit to the wheels.

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