New Arione R1

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by 113245

Is it the same shape as the CX or regular though?

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by bura

Misunderstood. With "regular" I meant the previous generation of the Arione.
Tried to explain that just nothing changed in the shape of the saddle.
IMO the wing flex is not needed when you choose a slimmer saddle. It is a marketing issue of having some different thing to tell.
Why different shell? What did improve? And what is "etc"? What else did change?
Like 113245 nails it....the R1 has the same shape as the CX.
I wrote it somewhere else:
Years ago when I tried my first Arione and I felt that it was the worst saddle I ever have had I tried to get a reply from fizik why they do not
make a saddle with a channel or cut out.
Reply came from their stubborn marketing : "we have our own design philosophy with our unique wing flex system..." etc.
As fizik has now a channeled line in the Versus...what happened to their design philosophy? Crashed by the competition?
Was it wrong for over all these years?
Ah well ,carbon rails...fizik realized that it is shameful to offer carbon rails only for their price hyped top carbon shell Arione and in a market where Chinese manufacturers offer full carbon shell and rail saddles for 50 bucks ,there is not much left to say..
Good Morning fizik.
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by mattydubs

I understand your feelings. Though I should add, the R1 is slightly different in shape (wider nose) than other Arione models. They've offered a different carbon rails version as well this is more thorough, taking lessons from Dash and that ilk.

As for price, considering the cost of a saddle from Dash, Tune, and Mcfk (all of which are more expensive), the R1 is a good deal. It's also about aesthetic and what works for you. I'm a short, light guy with big legs and the Arione just works the best out of all the saddles I've tried. I also like the way they look but that's not near as important. I don't think they are overpriced but that's just me.

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