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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by wheelsONfire

Perhaps not ideal for road bikers, but what do you people say?

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by ghisallo2003

I say - gosh, what an original idea. Have not seen that concept before.

Bring back Biopace.

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by Marin

Biopace is already back...

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by mike

i like the concept. but the weight must be enormous, and the pedal system is already huge & ugly. maybe good for something like race across america or ultra long distances.

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by dwaharvey

I think the weight is 700g for the pair... definitely heavy. My feeling is that what's good about the design is merely the dropped platform, and that the whole parallelogram swinging part is probably snake oil. In their blurb they say that the rider is pushing downwards at 4 o'clock when the pedal wants to move backwards (because of the crank arc) and that conflicting movement leads to fatigue... yet in their diagram of how the pedal works, the platform is swung forwards at 3 o'clock, and neutral at 6 o'clock... so that means your foot is having to move backwards faster than with a normal crank (by the amount of swing). I feel like it's a contradictory argument. The whole greater leverage and torque things reminds me a bit of those ridiculous Z-torque crank things. Vista claimed something similar with the forward offset of their dropped pedal. Ok with the Cranktip there's the parallelogram part here that varies things a little bit during the stroke, but otherwise I fail to see any difference between offsetting the pedal forwards, or eg moving your cleat rearwards on your shoe...

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