The best UCI-legal wheelset money can buy?

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by dcl10

Even at nationals I've never actually seen that rule enforced. I'm not sure how it is in europe now, but here there are lots of pros riding non-uci legal wheels. My favorite set is some custom 404's on white hubs. As for HED hubs, they roll fine and you can build a reasonably stiff wheel on them, but I find they don't last that long with any form of abuse. I like a hub I can but 20k miles on, rain or shine, and never have to touch it. So that is what I would consdider "best" on a personal level. If you are bulding a superlight show bike or something, that is obviously a different matter.

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by Fitzroy

dcl10 wrote:I like a hub I can but 20k miles on, rain or shine, and never have to touch it.

I'd like a set of those, any preference?

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by shadwell

That would be Dura-Ace then... followed by Chris King.. but still dura-ace......

Mine would be 3D3 tubs running conti comp 25's with Token ti skewers....... so thats what i use.... perfect for the Gold Coast, breezy, hilly, and plenty of chip seal.... 110psi FR, 120psi RR... shit for TT's tho... :beerchug:

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by Geoff

The Hed wheels are good. I kind of agree with the hub comment, though. I prefer the 'factory' hubs with adjustable angular contact bearings.

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by Zen Cyclery

Enve 6.7 tubies on the new Alchemy hubs. Would be hard to beat the ride quality on that one.

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by Pantani

Zipp 404 Firecrests if it had to be a single set - optimum balance of aero, weight, braking, aesthetics and overall quality. Either side of that dimensionally trades aero or weight - worthwhile if multiple wheels are in play, but if its only one then that's my favourite.
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by audiophilitis

For the ulimate baller status -- Lightweight Fernweg (w/ service-up warranty)

For all-around use -- Lightweight Obermayer (w/service-up warranty)

For climbing -- Lightweight Gipfelstrum (w/ service-up warranty)

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by theremery

A point to note: If you are worried about UCI legal, you probably have mechanical support.
Regardless....going seriously specialised for each task-> Prendrefeu's list. (i'd use extralite hubs on the custom builds).
Real world here in NZ I'd go Smart 6.7's on extralite hubs and CXray spokes as all rounders.
Reynolds RZR Tubs for outright racing (45 or choose depending on hills/flat proportions).
Not a huge fan of tune hubs (clicky/creaky after a while on some and that gets bloody annoying)....the Mig 45 isn't bad.
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by russianbear

CarlosFerreiro wrote:Remember that for wheels with one or more of > rims over 25mm / fewer than 16 spokes / spokes thicker than 2.4mm < have to be rupture tested to be UCI legal so, strictly, custom builds of Enve/Zipp/HED etc rims are not legal. ... Y&LangId=1" onclick=";return false;

I'm pretty sure Hesjedal was climbing on a custom pair of Enve 25's laced to King hubs during the Giro..

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by thisisatest

Enve 25s may squeak under the rim height criteria.

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by duodiscus

russianbear wrote:I'm pretty sure Hesjedal was climbing on a custom pair of Enve 25's laced to King hubs during the Giro..

No, not true.

Hesjedal rode Mavic R-Sys Ultimate wheels on many of the climbing stages. Other days he rode Mavic CCUs and Mavic Cosmic CXR 80.

See wheels here on stage 20. BTW, Purito is riding CCUs behind him in that pic: ... 966271547/

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by russianbear

Ah my mistake, for some reason I remember seeing someone's hand built wheels among images on cyclingnews, but I may be imagining it.

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by ProfessorChaos

I really love my Roval CLX64's lately. I want to try the tubular version next. My tubular FC808's are pretty awesome as well. I used to ride 404 tubulars a lot, but the new deeper wider rims are so much faster.

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by kgt

sorry, that's a 2013 thread...

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