2013 Pinarello Dogma 65.1 Think 2 Replica

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by PSM

Can anyone tell my why you buy fake ? It is so sad. It is better to buy a Canyon in my opinon... Sorry. :cry:

by Weenie

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by doozer

that youtube vid of the masses being loaded and pounding various points on a pina frame is good. doubt the clones do anything like this.


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by ergott

I'd rather have a frameset from Nashbar. At least there's some accountability.

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by 1spd

Well, I have had (still have one but sitting in attic) two Access frames (both purchased before SuperGo was bought out by Performance) for MTB. In both cases, the frames were beat to hell but they never broke. Not the lightest but couldn't beat building up a mtb w/ a $100 frame. My wifes bike is full blown XTR (all my old stuff mind you-I went SS and my XC bike just sat around) on an Access frame. More than she will ever need. Its not a replica but it did come from some shop over seas somewhere.
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by 1spd

That sucked, none of the damn links worked. I'll see if I can find something else and get it up here! Sorry about that.

Ok, here is a link to the initial thread. http://forum.cyclingnews.com/showthread.php?t=17435

The links I tried to post up are in post #9 if the rest of this below doesn't work right.

http://cyclingiq.com/2011/12/01/princes ... -its-name/

http://cyclingiq.com/2012/02/14/shadow- ... r-paradox/

http://www.cyclingtips.com.au/2011/08/a ... ted-equal/
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by 1spd

I have a steel Bianchi and love my bike. I know it is real because no one really replicates steel frames any more and it came from an actual dealer. None the less, being of an Italian hertiage, I liked the idea that my bike is/was made in Italy. But after reading that there is only a percentage of the final build that needs to be completed in the country to get the stamp of "authenticity" I have to wonder if I am more Italian than my bike! So sad.
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by jsinclair

Haha I reported the listings for the guy on the previous page several times and now they have been taken down. I had a rather amusing conversation with him on ebay about the fake crap he is selling. Seemed like a real dick so hopefully his account gets cancelled.

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by chocy

I got burned by one of these sellers on ebay

I was looking for a Colnago Seatpost and the seller only had a cataloge picture of the item with proper part number. My fault was not checking the place of origin when I bought this. When realized that it was coming from Hong Kong, I really hoped for the best. But surprise, surprise, the seatpost was a blatant fake! It had a gigantic metal hinge in the middle of the seat post to anchor the front bolt. An extremely crude and cheap solution!

With anger I contacted the seller and the guy insisted that it was an "Asian model" After futile back and forth with some emotionally charged back and forth (because it is illegal to ship counterfit items in the US I wanted to destroy it instead of shipping it back) I decided it was not worth it and returned it as ebay policy makes the buyer to return the item on your own dime :evil:

I contacted Colnago USA and Colnago about the fake and got a little e-mail from Alessandro Colnago acknowledged that what I got was a fake...

So be careful on ebay... even if you are an informed weenie, you can get burned time to time
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by imageking

its probably come from a site like this is it has the errr Bora clinchers http://www.cyclingyong.com/goods-1678-C ... +50mm.html
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by markyboy

Fake s*it everywhere, cant believe it.
Surley the real companies can do something about it.
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by micky

If those companies are based in places like China, they cant do much; just advice the costumers on how to avoid the fake products.

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by tlow

Got the seller to send a picture of the bottom of the 65.1 frame with numbersImage. You make the call.

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by Frankie13

Fake!!! The cable guide is totally wrong and the finish is awefull!

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by tlow

Yeah, I can't understand why, even for a copy, the condition is so horrible. He states it's brand new too. I really feel for Pinarello having to keep their good name clean while crap like this shows up all over eBay, Craigslist, and Alibaba.

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by kgt

I guess there are still some who prefer the copy than the original. Even in this forum. Go figure...

by Weenie

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