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by Y26

Hi all,

Looking to buy a 2014 Lynskey Helix Di2 and hopefully to mate up with 6870.

Since there is no dealer around here to deals with Ti bikes hence me asking for help here.

What size of the frame would be best for me? Please put down why you suggest that as I don't know much but willing to learn.

Currently riding a Cannondale Caad10 size 52.

Here is its geometry link but you need to click on the Geometry bottom. ... egory/916/

Here is the Helix one but you need to click on the Geometry bottom as well." onclick=";return false;

Thank you for the help in advance.
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by Weenie

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by em3

...assuming you are riding the currently riding the correct size frame, simply match as close as possible STACK and REACH. If this doesn't make sense do a search on this forum for stack and reach for lots more info. For example: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=109720&hilit=+stack+and+reach


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by Stats

The post above is correct in that you should be focusing on the stack and reach measurements, currently your CAAD 10 (52cm) has:
Reach: 38.2cm
Stack: 52.9cm

I would personally be looking at the SMALL or MEDIUM in the Lynskey however the reach on either of those will be shorter than your current bike - and the stack on either will be taller than on your current bike.

I would decide based on your current stem height/length (assuming you're happy with your saddle set-back)...

If you have a lot of spacers under the stem on your CAAD 10 then you could go for the Medium and get rid of a lot of spacers to maintain your overall stack... you could also potentially keep your current stem length (or go up by 1cm if you feel it's a touch short).

Alternatively, if you have no or very little spacers under your CAAD 10 stem, then I would go for the Small and you may have to get a longer stem.

Between the two, I would er on the side of the Small... in any case, forum advice on fitting should be treated as a personal opinion and guide at best.

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by Y26

Thanks for the info and I do realized that these are just friendly advices~ :)

So. The stack can be adjusted by putting or replacing spacers and reach can be adjusted as well via longer or shorter stems?

In that case, I have 90mm stem on my current Caad with 30mm spacer btw the top of the headtube to the bottom of the stem.

Helix's Stack is either 54.2 (S) or 55.62 (M). The best would be 54.2cm as I have 3cm to play with. I would have maybe 1cm spacer btw the headtube and the bottem of the stem?

But for Reach, the helix has 36.89(S) or 37.98(M), I would choose size M and a stem 1.1cm to have almost the same amount of reach (38.2+.9= 39.1cm)

Based on the two criteria (Stack and Reach), a definite result can't be have.

Is there something wrong with my thinking?

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by Y26

Found this online. ... comparator

Trying to figure this out using this excel.

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