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by 53x12

Any more WW test ride/own one?
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by fogflip

I am in the market for a new bike it is a toss up between a giant tcr advanced sl and a propel. Unfortuantly I dont know anyone riding a propel yet and the reviews out there don't seem that great or in depth from an actual racing stand point. First off if you have ridden both what are the noticable diffrences ride quality, comfort, corning, etc? Whats your overall experiance been like?

I live where climbing is not much of an issue (pancake flat) so I could see aero being more useful but still want some comfort since im not out of the saddle much. My main races are mostly crits and circut races. So cornering is of high priorty to me as well as its snap when accelrating and sprinting. I am about 50/50 in finding my self in the break. Let me know your thoughts I am on the fence with this purchase.

Thank you :D

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by justkeepedaling

Everything you described points towards the Propel. From what I've heard of people riding it, it is actually very very comfortable.

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by fogflip

Thanks for the reply anybody else care to share there experience opinion?!?

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