Left Sram red crank bolt replacement

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by Omcannondale

Hi everybody,
I used to make all repairs on my bike. This sometimes has bad consecuences... I had a creak noise on my crankset ( new Sram Red Gpx ). I tried to disassemble with first a 10mm allen key, Big mistake. This is the selfextractor mechanism. After this I used a8mm key for the internal bolt, and i could take off the crank arm and tightened the crankset. Now the problem is that the external 10mm part is broken ( its made from aluminium). Anybody nowks if exits a replacement or i need to buy a new left crank? In Sram site doesnt seems to exit. In this moment is an aesthetic problem...but all you now what is aesthetic for i biker...

Sorry my bad English.

Oscar. Valencia (Spain)

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by yourdaguy

Pretty sure the 10 mm part screws out and I have been able to get almost every part I have ever needed from SRAM (you have to ask the right bike shop-most will say no way.) I have bought a replacement bolt for an XX rear deraileur which is a part that has to be pressed in so you know Shitmano would never make that available. I have gotten a cover plate for a bottom bracket and other small parts that you know would not be available from others.
For certain parts stiffer is more important than lighter.

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by gilesharrison

Save weight and leave the outer collar off until you need to remove the crank!

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by Omcannondale

Thanks for your replies :welcome: , Maybe take off the collar is best option if it isnt necessary for normal use;

i will ask my mechanic for a replacement for this collar,


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by kevhogaz

I ordered the exact same part, from my LBS. They said any SRAM dealer could get small parts like that. They had a catalog, that broke down all the parts of the crankset, by number.

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by Rush

Bump. I have a problem with the left hand bolt of my 2012 SRAM Force crank.


Question is, can this be replaced with this item: http://www.bikeman.com/CR2192.html
or is the crank itself now finished?

EDIT : My mate who is the Swift distributer and master SRAM mechanic saw the video and says that the bolt is designed to 'float' when the crank is mounted off the bike. If it 'floats' when bolted onto the spindle, then your splines are stuffed and you need a new crankset.

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